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Belur Travel Guide

Belur is a renowned for its nature’s beauty and is located on the banks of River Yagachi. The city is highly visited by many worshippers from around the globe as it is highly blessed with many sacred sites and holy temples.

This town has also been famously described in the histroy of the region as it was the capital of the great Hoysala empire and is mainly visited to reach the blessed tourist spot of the Chennakesava Temple which 9s dedicated to the Chennakesava.

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best tourists places in Belur

  • The Chennakesava Temple
  • Halebidu
  • The Kedareshwara temple
  • The Yagachi Dam

The Chennakesava Temple

The glorious temple is one of the most ancient temples found in the region and has a spectacular architecture which will leave you awe-struck. The temple was constructed back in 1117 A.D and as per the legends it took around a 100 year to construct this majestic holy place. The entire holy shrine is constructed with soapstone and is filled with several stone sculptures and intricate designs and patterns carved in its walls. As mentioned, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is famous for its Hoysala architecture.


The city of Halebidu and Belur are like twin cities and was once considered as a royal land as many huge dynasties including, he Hoysala dynasty ruled the lands. The famous Hoysala architecture found here trace back to the 12th century and the city was once capital of the dynasty. There are many temples and museums located here top visit and the Hoysaleswara Temple built here is one of the best places you will find. It was King Vishnuvardhana and is filled with carvings depicting a story of their own.

The Kedareshwara temple

The holy shrine is dedicated to the powerful Hindu Lord Shiva and is highly visited by n number of tourists during the festivals. The temple is completely made of black stone and has a typical Indian and Chalukyan style of architecture touch to it. It was constructed in 1319 AD and you will find many carvings and structures here which depict the Ramayana and Bhagavat Gita stories intricately. The marvellous structure of the temple is also one of the main reasons for many tourists getting attracted to it.

The Yagachi Dam

one of the best picnic spots found in the region is the Yagachi Dam. It is hugely visited for its natural beauty and surrounded lush greenery which makes the atmosphere here very much refreshing. The Dam is built across River Yagachi and was constructed in 2001. The Yagachi Dam is 26 meters in height and you can enjoy the adventurous water spits organised here. It includes a ride of amazing Cruise boats, jet skiing, speed boating, and all other facilities available which makes the place perfect for trekkers, and adventurous. Also, if you are a nature lover then do not forget to visit the picturesque tourist destination at any cost.