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Bellary Travel Guide

Bellary is a region which is famous for its forts and pure nature’s beauty. There are so many untouched and beautiful tourist spots found here that now the region of Bellary also officially named as Bellari is a best place for spending a great vacation.

The city is also renowned for the historic garment industry found here along with many finest textiles producing industry. With many destinations which are notable to visit here we have chosen the top 4 best location for you to discover in the spectacular region of Bellary.

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best tourists places in Bellary

  • The Bellary Fort
  • The Kumaraswamy temple
  • The Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary
  • The Tungabhadra Dam

The Bellary Fort

As mentioned before the region is highly cherished because of the historic fort present here and that is the Bellary fort. The fort is built on a Hill and from here you can get a good view of the city. The fort was built during the Vijayanagara reign. It is constructed by the Palegar chief Hanumappa Nayaka and later it was ruled by Hyder Ali on 1769

The Kumaraswamy temple

The temple is a notable monument renowned for its breath-taking architecture and the religious historic temple which dates back to 11th century. The temple was the very first in South India dedicated to the Hindi Lord Kumaraswami. The deity in the temple is made of black stone and beside the deity is his vehicle (peacock). The temple is also very much close to another historic temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati which dates back to 7th century.

The Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

The sanctuary is famous for being the first Sloth Bear Sanctuary in in the country. It is renowned for protecting the sloth bears and is spread over 82.7 square km with picturesque views. The place is home to many animals including the bears, porcupines, leopards, hyenas and much more. Being a mini jungle itself many birds and aquatic animals are found here. Some famous species found are yellow throated bulbul, stone curlew, bulbul peafowl and many others. Tourists visiting the sanctuary can also enjoy the safari rides here along with enjoying the beauty of the sanctuary.

The Tungabhadra Dam

The astounding dam is constructed across the Tungabhadra river and is one of the amazing tourist spots to visit in Bellari district. The dam serves for irrigation along with production of electricity and is often visited with migratory birds including flamingos as the area is filled with lush greenery. To make the tourist’s vacation much more memorable there are gardens and view tower present here along with many restaurants surrounding it to try the special Karnataka local food. There is also an aquarium located here for you to pay a visit and enjoy you trip to this glorious region of Bellari.