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Belgaum Travel Guide

Belgaum is a renowned city for tourism and is also known as Belagavi. The city is surrounded with hills and lush greenery having a peacefulness spread in its atmosphere.

The majestic city is famous for its rivers and mountains found here along with the rich historically background of the region which attracts many. The city is also known as the second capital of Karnataka and is blessed with some amazing tourist spots that you should not miss at any cost. With enjoying the natural beaty of the region you can visit these 4 places here to make your trip mesmerising.

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best tourists places in Belgaum

  • The Fort Lake
  • The Belgaum Fort
  • The Gokak Falls
  • The Kapileshwar Temple
  • Kamal Basadi

The Fort Lake

Also locally known as Kote Kere this beautiful lake has scenic views to enjoy. It is closely located to the famous Durga Temple and Belgaum Fort. The area is covered with greenery and many trees and as it serves as a great picnic spot, many tourists love to spend their time here. You can also enjoy the facilities of pedal boating here along with floating restaurants and fountain shows held here. Also, for kids, there is a small park present here for them to have fun.

The Belgaum Fort

the marvellous tourist spot is one of the highest visited places in Karnataka and thus makes Belgaum a rich tourist place. The fort is honoured as the state heritage monument and has a great history to know about. The fort was constructed to keep the region safe from the attacks of enemies and every dynasty that ruled here kept making changes and re-constructing it. Also, national leader Mahatma Gandhi was also imprisoned in this fort when Indians were conducting the Freedom Movement of India. The lake nearby it serves a great view to enjoy.

The Gokak Falls

the breath-taking landscape and abundant nature’s beauty is what making this place so pretty. The Gokak falls is a great waterfall which falls at a height of 170 feet and is covered with lush greenery. The falls are located 60 km from Belgaum city. The Falls gets is named after Goki river and is has many rocks covering the land. You can take some amazing pictures here too with enjoying the cool wind blows.

The Kapileshwar Temple

the sacred place is highly visited by many Hindu pilgrims and it is dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. The temple is also considered as the holiest place and the Shivalinga present here is believed to be self-incarnated. As per the belief the temple was constructed back in 1000 AD and is an important holy place found in the region.

Kamal Basadi

Also famously known as Kamal Basti it is a famous Jian temple. It traces back to 10th century and was built during the rule of Ralta Dynasty. The temple’s name is derived from the look and structure of the holy shrine which looks like a lotus consisting 72 petals. Each of the petal has 24 Tirthankaras, making the architecture of the temple much more majestic.