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Badami Travel Guide

Badami also formerly known as Vattapi is a splendid city which is known for its great historical significance. The city is also renowned for the famous archaeological finding that were found here along with some ancient religious sites which attracts thousands of tourists and worshippers every year.

The lands of the city have seen some royal huge dynasties ruling it over the decade and their traces are still present here safe in their forts and architectures built by them. The finest North Indian architectures are found which are a must to know about, so here are top 4 places to visit in Badami

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best tourists places in Badami

  • The cave temples
  • The archaeological museum
  • The Badami Fort
  • The Bhuthanatha temples

The cave temples

These Cave Temples located in the region of Badami is renowned for its unique structure and intricate carvings. The caves consist of four temples in total and each of them depicts Hindu mythologies. The caves consist of temples which are dedicated to various forms of Hindu Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The caves consist three temples found here which are dedicated for their avatars whereas the fourth cave is dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras.

The archaeological museum

The region was famous for being the capital of the Chalukya empire and thus many royal ancient things have been found here which dates back to 6th century. If you want to know about the rich history of the place then the archaeological museum is the right stop to make. From the royalties that ruled the region to the information of civilisations of the olden Badami everything is found here. Several holy sculptures of Hindu Lord Shiva and Ganesh are present here and much more historical treasure is found. The place is also very close to another tourist spot of Agastya lake.

The Badami Fort

the massive construction was built in 543 AD, by Chalukya King Pulakeshi. The first is breath0taking located on top of hill with many intricate carvings found. There are two Shivalaya complexes found here which were constructed in 5th century and as per the records this fort was the capital during the Chalukyan reign. After the destruction caused to it by the Pallavas, the fort was rebuilt by the famous ruler Tiou Sultan. One can also catch a spectacular view of the entire city from this height where the fort stands today.

The Bhuthanatha temples

There are total 2 temples located in the scenic beauty of the region facing the glorious clear lake of Agasthya. The temples are not only famous for its extreme beauty and architecture but also is considered to be one of the most sacred places found here. The Bhuthanatha Temple and the Mallikarjuna Temple found here are both dedicated to the powerful Lord Shiva and made complete of sandstone. The structure and architectural style of the temples is very much similar to the Hindu Temples found in the southern part of the country. The temple is surrounded with lush greenery and the pleasant atmosphere of the temples is something which is to be cherished here. You can enjoy the true beauty of the nature here.