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Sonamarg Travel Guide

Sonamarg is a beautiful region which is mostly filled with Snow and glacier that make the region look more attractive.

A renowned tourist spot where you can find many camp bases and trekking routes along with huge glaciers and some rarely fund places to explore. The hill station is located in the Gandebal district and the is also rich in crystal clear rivers which provides breath-taking views.

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best tourists places in Sonamarg

  • The Thajiwas Glacier
  • The Vishansar LakeThe Kolahoi glacier
  • The Nilagrad River
  • The Zoji La

The Thajiwas Glacier

One of the most important and highly visited tourist spot is this glacier which is renowned for its heart throbbing beauty. It is situated 3000 m above sea level and is a perfect spot for all the trekking lovers out there. However, you can also reach the spot by Horse or pony ridding but the true joy is to trek here by enjoying the beauty of the nature. You will also find a frozen lake on your way here and along with that many tourists get to know about the Gujjar tribes living in the area. The place is also highly blessed with n number of waterfalls and you can easily set a camp here and enjoy your time.

The Vishansar LakeThe Kolahoi glacier

The breath-taking views of the lake suits perfectly for a picture and you will really enjoy your time spent here. The spectacular lake is located at an altitude of 3710 m and also gets completely covered with lush greenery during the summers. It is a pretty lake surrounded by lush green and flowers. During the winters, you will find the mountains completely covered with white snow and often the area gets bloomed with pretty flowers which makes it look majestic.

The Nilagrad River

Another beautiful location in the region which leave you in awe as the highly revered river is a must to visit spot. The river is located around 6km from Sonamarg and has clear water flowing in it. It is believed that this water has many medicinal properties in it and thus tourists from around the globe find this place every unique and attractive. It’s a tradition here that all the nearby residing people in the area come here in the Sundays to take a dip in the medicinal water.

The Zoji La

This huge and high mountain pass is very close to Ladakh and is situated at an altitude of 3528 m. The route of this mountain pass connects Kashmir and Dras and as per the belief, the Zoji La mountain pass is considered to eb one of the dangerous roads in the world. The term Zoji La means the mountain pass of blizzards and being so highly risky, it mostly remains closed during the winters because of heavy snow fall. Nevertheless, it covered with beautiful landscapes and scenic views for sure.