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Jammu Travel Guide

Being the capital of the beautiful region of Kashmir and Jammu is blessed with serene views and massive Shivalik mountain ranges which are located here.

The union territory is a peaceful city and is also visited by many pilgrims which love to visit the temples and shrines located here. Jammu’s culture and tradition are something which will drag you to this religious place automatically and along with that who can say to Jammu’s shikars and snow-capped mountains. Here is a list of amazing places to visit in the awe-striking city of Jammu.

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best tourists places in Jammu

  • The Mubarak Mandi palace
  • The Amar Mahal Museum
  • The Mansar Lake
  • The Akhnoor fort

The Mubarak Mandi palace

The architecture of the palace is one of the best things which will drive you here to visit this place again and again. The palace is constructed with many constructure styles of both the Mughal and Rajasthani royalty and along with that some glimpses of European architecture are also found here. The palace is also famous for its Sheesh mahala which consists of the Museum named the Dogra art.If you are a true paintings lover and would love to explore much art forms then you will surely love this place.

The Amar Mahal Museum

The majestic royal palace was constructed by the King Amar and the turned museum was constructed back in the 1890s. The spectacular architecture of the place was planned by a French architect and thus you can see a glimpse of French style of architecture here. The museum was and still is one of the best places to visit and it plays a huge role in the history of the region. The palace was before home to the royal family ruling the and now as it is filled with their information, many sculptures and painting sit is turned to a renowned museum. The Maharaja Hari Singh’s throne is made of 120 kg of pure is present here which makes the place shrine brighter.

The Mansar Lake

the breath-taking view of the Mansar lake is cherished by many tourists who visit the place. The lake has two temples nearby it which is dedicated to Umapati Mahadev and Narasimha and the other temple is dedicated to Durga to visit. There are also many other temples present here and the lake itself is considered very holy. All the newlyweds couple perform the “Pari karma” near the lake and the famous Mundan ceremony of the Hindus are also done here. As per the belief the holy water of the lake will make all the sins wash away of a person..

The Akhnoor fort

this historical ancient fort is a must to add to your list on your trip to Jammu. Located on the banks of the river Chenab, the huge fort dates back to the Harappan civilisation. There is the palace of Raja Alum Singh within it. The fort is located in a beautiful location and it is surely majestic.