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Thaneek Pura Travel Guide

Thaneek Pura is one of the loveliest hill stations in Himachal Pradesh and the region is located in the Una district of the state. Filled with greenery and many picturesque landscapes.

Thaneek Pura has been attracting many tourists especially Hindu worshippers from around the world for its famous pilgrimage sites. But surely there are also many beautiful places to explore here and we have provided to you the top best 6 in our list which you should not miss at any cost

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best tourists places in Thaneek Pura

  • The Gugga temple
  • The Radha Krishna Temple
  • The Chaat Bazar
  • Forest camping and trekking
  • Bada Khoo (An Ancient Deep Well)
  • Baba Balak Nath temple

The Gugga temple

The majestic temple is dedicated to Gugga ji who is beloved to be originated from a special kind of Dhoop. He was a disciple of Guru Gorkhnath and thus the temple holds a very religious meaning for sure. The breath-taking view surrounding the pleasant atmosphere of the temple is something to be cherished for sure and tourist visit the temple in huge numbers especially during the Hindu festivals and also the annual fair here is a must to watch. Many programmes, food stalls, stalls having handmade cultural things to shop, wrestling competitions and much more gets organised in the locality of the temple.

The Radha Krishna Temple

The temple is one of the most visited temples in the region of Thaneek Pura and holds a great religious significance. The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna also is dedicated to the rich history of Radha and Krishna’s story. Many Hindu pilgrims visit the holy place and if you want to know about the Hindu mythology then surely you must visit the sacred temple. On the birthday of lord Krishna that is Krishna Janmashtami a huge event is organised in the temple with many shops and programmes settled for entertaining visitors.

The Chaat Bazar

It is sone of the famous Bazar in the region with a collection of many shops and food stalls to explore. There are some yummiest local foods which you can try out here and along with that many shops specially selling the handmade cultural things famous here. Also, you can buy handicrafts and gifts to take it back to your families and friends and do not forget to try out the famous chaat found here. Handicrafts are a specialty of the region and you can surely give a look at it. Also, there are many restaurants present here which will give you most loved traditional food of Thaneek Pura which is indeed mouth-watering.

Forest camping and trekking

Being a stunning hilly region there are so many mountains which are allowed by the local authorities for being an amazing trekking and camping site. Thaneek Pura has been really famous among people who love adventures and especially mountain climbing and campaign. Forest camping is something which is highly encouraged here and many tourists are getting much attracted to the city because of its majestic picturesque landscape, amazing climate, pure fresh atmosphere and starry nights for sure which you can also explore here now which will make you addicted to visit this awe-striking region again and again.

Bada Khoo (An Ancient Deep Well)

Well visiting the region of Thaneek Pura but not visiting the Bada Khoo is just a big no! The ancient place does not only tell us about the rich history of the region but also it is one of the top visited places in Himachal Pradesh. Indeed, the ancient heritage is very unique. Tourists can visit the main well by climbing down and this historic well has total 60 stairs which reaches to the main well. So, if you want to know about the ancient period of Thaneek Para then do visit the Bada Khoo present here.

Baba Balak Nath temple

The beautiful temple is located in the scenic beauty for the region and is highly visited by the Hindu pilgrims. As per the belief Baba Balak Nath is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and he has taking birth in every yuga. Dedicating the temple to Baba Balak Nath, the temple is considered to be very sacred as he was one of the eighty-four Siddhas. Surrounded with beautiful hills and lush greenery this temple is a must to visit for sure to receive blessings from Baba Balak Nath and to enjoy the nature.