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Solan Travel Guide

Solan has been not only famous for the finest qualities of tomatoes and mushrooms produced here but also the region is one of the most beautiful cities found in Himachal Pradesh

Blessed with some of the oldest forts, monasteries, temples and other attractive destinations to mention about, tourists often get confused among the places to visit first. So here we are to help you to add these 7 amazing places of Solan to your bucket list and these are a must to visit for sure.

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best tourists places in Solan

  • The Shoolini Temple
  • The Kuthar fort
  • The Nalagarh Fort
  • The Menri Monastery
  • The Solan brewery
  • The Majathal Sanctuary
  • The Jawahar Park

The Shoolini Temple

The temple is famous for its breath-taking architecture and is considered to be very powerful among the worshippers. The temple is dedicated to the powerful Goddess of Shoolini and is also one of the oldest temples found in the region. The holy place is also highly visited during the month of June as an annual fair is conducted every year.

The Kuthar fort

The fort is a massive monument located in this region and traces back to 800 years. The place is not only famous for its rich historical significance but also the monument has been blessed with many fresh water springs. The place is surrounded in lush greenery and you will also find many food stalls and shopping places nearby. Explore the rich culture of the region with much information to gather from this historical place. Also, you will find the beautiful monument for Gurkha Fort nearby to visit.

The Nalagarh Fort

Well the fort turned heritage hotel has been renowned among several tourists and was constructed back in 1421. The place is surrounded with green hills and fresh air as the Shivalik hills are really close to this place. The 20-acre land also houses some beautiful orchards look at and enjoy and the Mughal style architecture of the fort is indeed spectacular. A perfect place to have some memorable time with your family and friends and you can sure know about the richness of Himachal Pradesh here. The conference hall present here was actually Diwan-E-Khass constructed by the King Sansar Chand.

The Menri Monastery

It is one of the oldest monasteries found in this region of Himachal Pradesh. The colourful place is considered to be very holy and tells the tourists much things about Buddhism. The spiritual place houses a huge statue of Lord Shenrab Mibo and the calmness is something which is adored a lot here for sure. The place is crowded a lot during the New Year’s Eve and many performances get organised here.

The Solan brewery

This place is again one of the highest visited places in Himachal Pradesh as one of the oldest breweries known. The brewery was started back on 1855 by an Englishman. Edward Dyer started this place and named the brewery as the Dyer Breweries but now you will find this place a distillery. Mohan Meaking Ltd. are currently running this place and if you want to then do visit this place.

The Majathal Sanctuary

If you are a nature and wildlife, over then this is the right stop to make and spend a wonderful day in Solan. The wildlife sanctuary is spread across 55,670 sq kms of land and has been highly maintained in the forest area with some rich species that you will find here. The region is also famous for its varieties of flora and fauna found along with some endangered species like Cheer Pheasent found. Well from rarely found species to some animals that we find every day like goats and different birds including the migratory ones many such species are found here. Exploring the beautiful landscape enjoy the charmful atmosphere here and you can also accommodate the jungle houses built within the sanctuary for you to discover the gloriousness of nature more.

The Jawahar Park

Another place with scenic beauty to discover in Solan is this beautiful Jawahar park here. Tourists mostly spend a nice day here as it serves as a well-maintained picnic spot and is a great place to visit in summers. The park is a small zoo itself and kids usually have a lot of fun here. There are several rides present for the kids along with small toy train, some beautiful mountains, and best places to take memorable pictures. There are also several local food stalls surrounding the place.