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Sangla Travel Guide

The region is located in the Baspa Valley and is one of the famous valleys for sure. The charming nature, greenery and fresh air is just simply mind-blowing. The filled evergreen forests here and red apples orchards provides some of the picturesque landscapes and the place has been notable for the beautiful scenery indeed.

If you ever want to escape from the hectic life of city and spend some quality with your family and friends. Here are some of the best places and tourist attractions found in the region of Sangla.

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best tourists places in Sangla

  • The Kamru fort
  • The Bering Nag temple
  • The Baspa river
  • The Buddhist Monastery
  • The Tibetan wood carving centre

The Kamru fort

The rich history of the region with great significance is seen here in the Kamru fort. Get a small glimpse of the famous history of the town in this fort which is now converted into a temple. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi and thus many Hindu pilgrims visit the sacred land. The huge beautiful idol of the goddess is found in the third floor and also a huge image of Lord Buddha which is present in the main gate of the fort.

The Bering Nag temple

The famous Hindu shrine is very much renowned among the worshippers being one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the city. The unique architecture of the temple, beautiful scenery surrounding the temple, and the peaceful atmosphere here is just adored by many tourists for sure. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagas and gets hugely crowded during the festivals. The Fulaich fair is organised here every year which is again visited by many tourists in the month of August.

The Baspa river

Made for people who love adventurous in their trip, the Baspa river is the right choice to make if you love camping near river. Also, here you can go for trekking in the mountains and try out fishing in the river. Enjoy and explore the true beauty of nature and the magic of fresh air and clear river here. An amazing way to relax for sure and if you are really into camping and trekking then do not forget to witness the beauty of the Baspa river.

The Buddhist Monastery

Well it is really common to find several monasteries and temples in the region of Himachal Pradesh and this beautiful monastery is surely one of them. The Buddhist monastery provides an amazing view and surely the holy land has been getting visited by hundreds of worshippers out there. It was constructed in the year of 1992 and the reason for its construction was to perform the ceremony of Kalachakra. The place is also referred as the Brelengi Gompa too.

The Tibetan wood carving centre

Well if you would like to take back some gifts for yourself, your friends and families and would want a part of the rich culture of the region to be taken back to the city with you then do visit this place. Several wooden products are found here and you can buy so many beautifully carved things which are mostly handmade.