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Palampur Travel Guide

Palampur has been not only famous for producing finest aromatic tea but also the snowclad mountains with massive beautiful Dhauladhar Ranges and many scenic locations.

The picturesque landscape of the region is indeed lovable and the glorious destinations which is filled in this region and is worth looking at. So, discover these amazing places especially all our top picks here in the town of Palampur.

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best tourists places in Palampur

  • The Tashi Jong Monastery
  • The Saurabh Van Vihar
  • The Baijnath temple
  • The temple of Chamunda Devi

The Tashi Jong Monastery

The place is considered to be very sacred among the worshippers of Buddhism and the place is homely abode for many Tibetan refugees. The place is very holy and the main shrine is indeed very intricate and unique. Also, there are a line of several Tibetan restaurants outside and you can indeed try out the amazing local food of the region with the shops that see many handmade things where you can shop too. Also, there are many artifacts and Tibetan crafts that you can explore here.

The Saurabh Van Vihar

The park which is loved by nature lovers was built in memory of the brave soldier Saurabh Kalia. The panoramic view of the nature park with the wide spread verities of trees and plants, different varieties of birds found here and true beauty of nature to explore and know about. Well, indeed it is a perfect place for enjoying nature, birdwatching, going for boating and spending amazing time with your family and friends, People of all the age groups absolutely just fall in love with the place for sure.

The Baijnath temple

The majestic temple was constructed back in 1204 A.D by Ahuka and Manyuka. The temple is very much adored for its ancient scriptures and the huge pillars is intricately carved. The Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and ancient temple looks magnificent with the Dhauladhar Himalaya Range for sure. The temple is also famous for being the only temple were Lord Shiva and King Ravan are worshipped together. It is also renowned for having one of the 12 jyotirlingas present here.

The temple of Chamunda Devi

Being one of all the 51 Shakti Peethas, the temple has a great historic significance and is spectacularly located on the banks of river Baner. Dedicated to Chamunda Devi who is a very strong form of Goddess Durga, the temple is visited by many devotees and from 1500s to date and it gets highly visited for sure. The local priest had a dream of having the idol to be shifted in another place and now it is exactly where the temple is located. If you visit the temple especially during Hindu festivals like Navratri then indeed the colourful atmosphere will be filled with fun.