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Narkanda Travel Guide

Narkanda connects the beautiful region of Shimla and Rampur and is also famous for producing finest quality of apples. As the region is filled with woodlands and gets covered in snow during winters, many tourists simply just fall in love with the region of Narkanda.

The town is also filled with many lakes and other tourist major attractions which is a must to visit so we present to you the top 4 which you can add to your list right now.

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best tourists places in Narkanda

  • Tannu Jubbar Lake
  • The Mahamaya Temple
  • Hatu Peak
  • The Stokes farm

Tannu Jubbar Lake

The majestic place welcomes so many people every year as it serves a mind-blowing view for sure. Also, the lake is surrounded with green mountains to explore if you visit the place in summer. Do spend a nice sunny day here as it is indeed a great picnic spot for sure. A great advice which is always given by the locals here is that, it is a must to visit the lake especially during the sunset and sunrise time as it is believed that the clear water here shines more during that time.

The Mahamaya Temple

The beautiful holy temple is located 7 kms away from the main city of Narkanda and is highly visited by the Hindu worshippers. The temple is constructed in dedication to the powerful goddess Kali who is considered to be one of the strongest goddesses. The peaceful temperature here is just so much unique along with the amidst beauty of the surroundings. A perfect place for meditating and running away from the hectic life of the city and work for sure.

Hatu Peak

The peak is not any other normal peak but has a rich historical significance. It is believed that the Pandavas brothers used to cook and stay in the nearby place and you can still see the stove like formation found here. The stunning view from the peak is something absolutely unforgettable. Also, trekkers surely you will love this place as the Hatu peak has been famous for trekking. Well, you can enjoy camping here in a complete starry night too.

The Stokes farm

As mentioned before the apples of the region are famous worldwide and the very first cultivation was brought here by a man named Satyanand Stokes. He brought the cultivation of apples her and from there the income of the town also started raising higher as the climate and soil was just perfect for finest quality of apples production. Today grandsons of Satyanand Stokes do try working with different varieties and this farm just gives the glimpse of how beautiful an apple orchard can be. Do not forget visiting this place and you can also buy the freshly picked apples here, have a nice walk in the orchards and take some beautiful pictures for sure.