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Kinnaur Travel Guide

Kinnaur is famous for being a hilly region among the people who love trekking and is renowned for a great climate and filled greenery among the nature lovers.

Perfectly suitable for everyone, this city has several places to visit and we have chosen the top picks by most of the tourists, many parks, mountain peaks, places tracing to the rich ancient history of the city and much more is found here which you would surely not like to miss at any cost. So here are some of the amazing tourist attractions found in the region of Kinnaur.

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best tourists places in Kinnaur

  • The Kalpa
  • Lippa
  • The Reckong Peo
  • Nako

The Kalpa

It is one of the most renowned villages in the region of Kinnaur because of the scenic views found here. The village is filled with some of the most visited temples and monasteries which is very much famous among several worshippers. Surrounded by the valley of Sutlej river this is the very place where you can try the famous apples grown in the region. Also, there are several local shops to shop and you can visit and explore the beauty of the spectacular Kinnaur-Kailash range. There going to be some species of rich flora and fauna which you will find here and is again very heart-warming for sure.


The region of Lippa is considered to very holy and sacred among the followers of Buddhism as there are some very sacred temples found here. Covered with lush greenery and mountain, the region of Lippa is also very famous among several tourists and you will find here many cottages and hotels which provide awesome services for sure. Also, do not forget to try out the amazing local food of the place. The green grass filled lands here are considered to be a blessing for cattle and it is very nourishing. The main monasteries and temples to visit here are Galdang Chhoikar, Tangtashu, Dunguir and Kangyur which are filled with peaceful atmosphere.

The Reckong Peo

The place is very close to Shimla and is again famous for the apple orchards. The beautiful orchards, rich culture of the region and the view of Kailash mountain are some things which are highly admired here. The place has seen many huge dynasties ruling it including the Guge Kingdom, Mughal Empire and much more. The region is highly visited because of numerous resorts here which are a best way to hide from the hectic life of the city and stress of work and enjoy some amazing time with friends and family.


The mesmerising village is been blessed with a beautiful scenery and is situated around 3,600 metres above the sea level with amazing landscapes. The place is highly visited by trekkers and nature lovers and there are several parks here too. The place is also famous for having some of the rarest species found here. Also, visit the famous Nako Lake along with the Buddhist temples nearby. The lake is famous for having the footprints of holy saint Padmasambhava.