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Kasauli Travel Guide

Kasauli is one of the finest and most visited town in the state of Himachal Pradesh not only because it is a hill station but the desirable tourist attractions found here are simply unbeatable.

From holy regions to worship and receive blessings at to several adventurous places where you can enjoy nature’s blessings, Kasauli is blessed with many such tourist attractions for sure. The town was established during the rule of the British in India and since 1842 it has been winning several hearts. Here are top best places to visit in Kasauli.

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best tourists places in Kasauli

  • The Baptist Church
  • Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji
  • The Kasauli Brewery
  • Krishna Bhavan Mandir

The Baptist Church

This is one of the famous churches in the region as it has been standing strong since the year of 1923. The beautiful church is surrounded with lush greenery and it was constructed years back by the Britishers. Established around 1923 the church has a unique architecture which has been attracting thousands of worshippers and tourists to date. A beautiful and astonishing mixture of Indian styles and Victorian styles of architecture and carvings are found here and although the church faced a lot of damage due to fire, we can still admire it glory.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

This massive Gurudwara is also highly visited by tourists and devotees as it is considered to be one of the most important religious centres in the region of Kasauli. The white huge architectural design of the Gurdwara is appreciated very well by thousands of tourists who visit the holy place every year. If you plan to visit the sacred place during Sundays, you can attend the special programmes and prayers conducted here. The nearby area is well facilitated and travelling to the Gurudwara would not be a problem at all. There are several local stalls found outside which is again a huge attraction here making it a favourite tourist spot.

The Kasauli Brewery

The brewery has been visited by many tourists over the years as it is famously known as one of the oldest and best breweries found in the entire country. The place is also renowned know as the Solan brewery, and has been running famously winning several hearts since its establishment in the 1820s. Edward Dyer started this place by bringing all the equipment’s from Scotland and England during the establishment.

Krishna Bhavan Mandir

The famous Hindu shrine, was constructed in dedication to Lord Krishna and as the Mandir (temple) is constructed right in the middle of the city you can easily reach the sacred place. A glimpse of European style of architecture and design is found here and it indeed blends amazingly with the Indian style carvings found at the temple. It was constructed back in 1926 during the British rule and the beautiful monument was majestically built by a locate craftsmen during that period.