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Kangra Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh is indeed gifted with some of the best tourists attracting places, each having their own speciality and Kangra is one of them. The region plays a significant role in the rich history of the state and it was before historically known as Nagarkot.

The region is famous for its ancient temples, deep valleys and tea plantations producing one of the finest tea productions found in the county. Here’s why you should visit the region of Kangra especially the top 4 places mentioned ahead

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best tourists places in Kangra

  • The Chamunda Devi temple
  • The Kangra Fort
  • The Brajeshwari Temple
  • The Kareri Lake

The Chamunda Devi temple

The hilltop temple is a famous Hindu shrine as it has been considered very holy among the worshippers. The temple is also located close to one of the holy 51 Shakti Peethas making the entire region very sacred as per the Hindu devotees. Dedicated to Goddess Chamunda Devi the temple is said to house a very powerful deity. Goddess Chamunda Devi is a form of powerful Goddess Durga and thus the festivals like Navratri and other Hindu festivals are grandly celebrated here. Talking about the temple carvings, you will find many intricate carvings displaying the scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata and to date the temple spreads it glory.

The Kangra Fort

It is the highly visited place in the region. The fort has been standing strong over the years by witnessing several wars and attacks and by tracing back the architecture of the fort it must have been constructed during the rule of Trigarta Kingdom. It is the largest fort in the Himalayas and is highly appreciated because of its stunning architecture. The Kings in the ancient period used this fort to protect themselves and their treasure from the enemy invasions as the fort has the heavy security facilities. The royal fort is surrounded with scenic views which you can enjoy.

The Brajeshwari Temple

The temple is highly visited by many tourists and worshippers from around the globe for enriching its beautiful majestic structure. If you plan to visit the temple during the festivals time then surely you will find the place very much crowded. The aarti of the temple is attended daily by the locals and the main reason for the place to be so scared and renowned is that the temple is also one of the 51 Shakti Peeths which are found here in India.

The Kareri Lake

The crystal-clear lake is actually formed by melting of the snow from the Dhauladhar range serves. The lake has been getting highly visited by the tourists over the years because of the scenic views and picturesque locations nearby it. Covered up in dense hilly region and lush greenery region the lake serves as perfect sunrise as well as a sunset point. Indeed, the place is like a dream come true for all the nature lovers out there.