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Dalhousie Travel Guide

What can be a better place for spending your quality time with friends and family if not the most beloved hill station found in Himachal Pradesh? Yes, Dalhousie has been winning hearts over decades for its attracting beauty and the blessing of pure atmosphere here which automatically takes you far away from the polluted air of the city.

The city is named after the earl of Dalhousie who was the British governor in the country and as this region has some mesmerising architectures and spots to visit, it is going to be very hard indeed to not add it to your list. Here are some of the best tourists attracting spots of the beautiful town of Dalhousie.

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best tourists places in Dalhousie

  • The Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary
  • The Panchpula
  • The Dainkund Peak
  • Khajjiar
  • The Gandhi Chowk

The Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary

A better place to get a glimpse of the thick forests of the region which is famous for saving many endangered species and varieties of birds which are migratory. The sanctuary has been blessed with many mountains which are covered with a thick layer of greenery and the varieties of animals found here. The sanctuary is located in the district of Chambal and the name Kalatop defines Black Cap. The name of the sanctuary is set on the basis of the black forest cover on the hill top and the rich flora and fauna here are indeed pleasant to watch and enjoy. The place has gained much popularity because of the trekking and mountain climbing like activities available here which attracts many adventurous people from all around the globe. Animals like bears, leopards, deer, squirrel, jackals, langurs and many more are found here.

The Panchpula

Surrounded with deodar trees and lush greenery the breath-taking waterfall is again one of the most popular picnic spots of the region and in Dalhousie often this is place is considered first for trekking. The marvellous nature’s beauty with fresh clear water here provides a scenic view and also is a perfect place for taking some beautiful pictures. If you are a nature lover then surely do not forget to visit this place. Overall, 5 total streams form this waterfall which makes this place so lovable and the streams are also a main source of water supply to the people residing in Dalhousie.

The Dainkund Peak

The place is also called famously known as the Singing Hill and is the highest point of the city which offers an amazing view of the town. You can get a whole look of huge mountains and deep valleys from this place and perched at the elevation of 2755 masl, the peak is meant for people who are adventurous and like exploring places. Also, beautiful flower valleys are seen from here Cleary and the top view of these valleys is very majestic to watch at in Dalhousie. Being the highest point in Dalhousie, the peak offers a great view of the astonishing valleys and mountains. For nature lovers seeking relaxation, fresh air, peacefulness and calmness, this Dainkund Peak is worth exploring. There is a Pholani Devi temple here in the Peak and you can visit the temple after trekking to the awesome place.


Also famously known as the 'mini-Switzerland of India', it is a city which is known for its mesmerising beauty that you will hardly find in any other part of the country. The place has seen some royal Rajput and Mughals ruling the lands of Khajjar as over the years the beauty of the region has just kept on increasing every day. It is located at an altitude of 6,500 feet and if you like golf then do not forget to visit this place. The nine-hole golf-course of the town is very renowned and as it covered with lugs greenery of the forests and how can you keep away from this place? There might be heavy snow fall in the region during winters but in summers the clear lakes and several picnic spots here are a must to visit.

The Gandhi Chowk

- For people who love shopping and would like to take something with them for reminding themselves about the beauty and rich culture of Dalhousie, the Gandhi Chowk is the right choice to make. The place is filled with so many bazars and shops that it might take a whole day to cover and shop here. You can also buy some gifts for your family members and friends from here and the woollen clothes, Handloom works and handicrafts are very famous here. Also, there are several hotels and restaurants here to try out and do not forget to try the local snacks which are sold in the nearby food stalls here.