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Chail Travel Guide

Chail is indeed one of the most remarkable hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. The city has been famous for the lingering mist, cool climate and the lush greenery which surrounded every sector of the region. Chail is gifted with abundant nature’s beauty and there are some of the most beautiful spots here that you must add to your list while visiting the region.

Also, there is a world’s highest cricket ground present here which is highly visited by sports lovers. Also, if you like adventures like hill climbing and trekking then here are several camps organized here.

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best tourists places in Chail

  • Chail Sanctuary
  • The cricket ground
  • The Palace Hotel
  • The Kali temple

Chail Sanctuary

The beautiful location is surrounded with pure greenery and the beautiful climate makes the sanctuary more breath-taking especially during the winters. The lands of Chail are home to several species like Sambar, deers and others which you can find in this sanctuary. Covering an area of 110 km the forest was turned into a wildlife sanctuary in 1976 and since then it is well- maintained and is visited by many wildlife lovers. The cheer pheasant found here are famous worldwide and the sanctuary has many mammals like leopards, porcupines, and other species like, wild boar, bear, langur and others.

The cricket ground

When Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who loved cricket made this cricket ground in the hill top, it became famous worldwide. The ground is the highest one found in the region and it is located in an altitude of 2,444 meters that from the sea level. You can also play polo here and for now the military officials maintain the ground. The picturesque view of the region does attract many and again the region is filled with lush greenery as huge forest surrounds it. Also, the military school of Chail uses the ground but if you are into sports then just give this ground a look. Also, the place serves for playing football and basketball so give it a try if you can.

The Palace Hotel

The premium hotel provides a pleasant atmosphere with a huge 75 acres of land and the restaurant in this place is known for some of the amazing cuisines that you will hardly taste anywhere else. Try out the Indian as well as International multiple cuisines here and also the place is known for its best services. However, the palace has to date not lost its royalty touch as the furniture, carpet and charming rooms with many cottages in the place. The admiring nature nearby the place is a huge plus point and also there is a lover’s point nearby the palace.

The Kali temple

The pilgrimage site is highly visited by the devotees of Kali Devi the powerful deity that resides here is very popular. The Goddess Kali is considered as the post powerful form of goddess Shakti and also chief of Mahavidyas, who are a group of powerful tantric goddess. The nearby place of the temple is popular for trekking and also the beautiful scenery of the region is a must visit.