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Karnal Travel Guide

The history plays a magnificent role in the history of Mahabharat and by the name itself we know that the region’s name Karnal is set on the name of Mahabharat’s hero Karna, a brave warrior and thus many Hindu pilgrims visit the sacred land in huge numbers every year.

Many historical monuments from medical period constructed by some great dynasties are present here and totally the city is full source of entertainment. Here are some of the best places to visit in the city of Karnal.

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best tourists places in Karnal

  • The Babur’s Masjid
  • The Sita Mai temple
  • The Gurudwara Manji Sahib
  • Karnal Cantonment Church Tower

The Babur’s Masjid

The marvellous structure of the Babur’s Masjid attracts many tourists every year. The place is a must to add to you trip to visit and from 1528 to date the architecture is appreciated by many people who visit the sacred land. The monument was constructed by the great Mughal emperor Babur as during the period he won Ibrahim Lodhi. The mosque displays the power of the great Mughal King and the stunning locality of the mosque also consist of a well-maintained park. The carved domes, intricate towers and huge pillars are some of the most notable things of the beautiful mosque.

The Sita Mai temple

The holy temple dedicated for the Hindu goddess Sita and it is the place where the deity is the main Goddess that resides in the entire country. The pretty place is filled with intricate carvings on every wall of the temple and you can find out about it elaborately by visiting the temple. The unique style which is used in the construction of the temple is very much pleasant with a touch of Nepali style. The ancient temple follows all the rituals to date and as per the legend the temple is located in the exact spot where Goddess Sita was taken in by the Mother Earth so that she can prove her chastity and purity to her husband, Lord Shri Ram and thus it has a great religious significance.

The Gurudwara Manji Sahib

One of the most visited holy places in the region of Karnal and it is a must to visit this religious place. The Gurudwara Manji Sahib is in link with the Guru Nanak Dev Ji who is known as the first Guru and many devotees visit the place to worship and get the blessings from Waheguru and to get a peaceful mind and heart here. The gurudwara is considered to be the most important place to be visited among the pilgrims in Karnal and if you visit the place during the festivals of Sikhs then it is going to be very crowded for sure. The Gurudwara Manji Sahib provides a place to stay and you can do the Seva here if you wish to do so.

Karnal Cantonment Church Tower

The church is a small part of the St James Church and is adored for the beautiful structure and Roman style architecture. The church consists of a magnificent cross on top and it shines brightly making the place a prominent landmark. It is located in a spectacular neighbourhood and huge towers, with lush greenery in the surroundings making it worth visiting.