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Somnath Travel Guide

The beautiful lands of Somnath determine the ancient temples located here which play a vital role in every devotee’s life. The temple is a prominent pilgrimage site and as Gujarat is very well-known region for its temples, Somnath temple is an eternal shrine which gets highly visited by thousands of worshippers.

Along with that here are some other amazing locations to visit in Somnath.

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best tourists places in Somnath

  • The Somnath temple
  • The Bhalka Tirtha
  • The Laxminarayan temple
  • The Chorwad Beach
  • The Somnath Beach

The Somnath temple

Located in the western coast of the state of Gujarat, the temple is very much famous as mentioned before and is considered to be the first among all the 12 jyotirlingas. The temple has been standing in the land for so many years and as many kings ruled the region it faced a lot of loss. But again, and again the temple has been reconstructed and now it is very well-maintained. It was rebuilt in 1951 by Vallabhbhai Patel who was the Home Minister and now it is maintained by Somnath Mandir trust.

The Bhalka Tirtha

The region located in the western coat are said to be very holy and is highly visited by the worshippers of Lord Krishna. It is said that this place marks Lord Krishna leaving earth from here and it is said that Lord Krishna spent his last days before dying here. As per the belief Lord Krishna was shot by an arrow here by a hunter named Jara who mistook his foot as a deer and by mistakenly shot him. His body left from here for the heavenly abode and thus the place is considered to be very sacred for the worshippers who visit the Bhalka Tirtha in large numbers.

The Laxminarayan temple

The holy temple is located near the shore and is highly visited by devotees especially Hindus who worship Lord Vishnu. It is said that the Lord Laxminarayan is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and thus the presiding deity of Lord Laxminarayan is worshipped here. The temple is especially famous for its huge 18 pillars which are intricately carved and they display the message of Lord Krishna. The architecture of the temple with pleasant atmosphere here makes your heart and mind relax. The temple is a must to visit if you ever plan to visit the holy region of Somnath.

The Chorwad Beach

One of the most clean and relaxing place is the beautiful beach of Chorwad. Now the place is not only famous for the picturesque view but it also has a rich historical significance due to the presence of the palace of Nawab of Junagadh. The beach indeed looks majestic to date and although the water here is not that suitable for swimming you can go for long walks here as the area serves as a perfect site for enjoying sunrise and sunset. Some of the best restaurants are located nearby it with some best local food and snacks that you can give a try.

The Somnath Beach

Well this beach is very famous and many tourists visit the beach as it usually gets crowded in the evening with many food stalls. A good place for sight-seeing and also for taking photos for sure. Also, the beach has been famous for the camel rides available here which you can give a try for sure.