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Bhavnagar Travel Guide

Bhavnagar is not only famous for some amazing tourists places to visit but the famous version of Gujarati snack, Ganthiya is found here and it is just amazing. The traditional jewelleries found here with some highly voted bazars is again a major tourist attraction.

Many of them have been transferred to the museum in Kolkata and you can find some here along with other amazing tourist places here to visit.

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best tourists places in Bhavnagar

  • Gaurishankar Lake
  • Victoria park
  • Takteshwar Tarheti
  • The Gandhi Smriti
  • Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park

Gaurishankar Lake

The beautiful lake was created in 1872 and it merges with the stream Balvatika. There is a Shaiva temple nearby this place and also there is a separate section of the area made for children to have fun. There are several programmes, regional festivities and functions organised here and if you like street food then do not forget to visit the place enjoying some best snacks of Gujarat by the lake side.

Victoria park

The place is also known as green lung of Bhavnagar and why not if the place is filled with nature’s beauty and lush greenery. The park was built on 24th May 24, 1888 for Maharaja Takhtasinhji. The 2-sq-km area also has the Gaurishankar Lake and Krishna Kunj lake nearby to it and the picnic site is just a perfect place to visit in a nice sunny day. Several migratory birds, beautiful landscape and clean surroundings just make the place more and more beautiful and kids do enjoy here a lot.

Takteshwar Tarheti

The temple of Takhteshwar was established in 1893 and the beautiful architecture of the temple attracts many tourists indeed. It was built by the king Maharaja Takhatsinghji and it has the idol of Lord Shiva. You would have to climb the long marble staircase to reach the temple and if you like trekking then do visit it. The temple gets super flooded with many devotes during the Hindu festival of Navaratri and there are several local stalls found nearby.

The Gandhi Smriti

Located in the main city of Bhavnagar, the Gandhi Smriti depicts all the services done Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. If you would like to know about his life in depth then this place which was constructed in 1955 is a must to visit. The Barton museum is present here and there are several archaeological findings here. Also, you can visit the library here with a unique collection of books which can tell you anything and everything about Mahatma Gandhi.

Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park

The majestic national park is made for tourists who love wildlife and nature. The Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park is also famous among the birdwatchers and the beautiful grassland is paradise for many tourists. It was primarily constructed for the conservation of Blackbucks but now you can find many different varieties of species here. So do not forget to add the Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park to your list if you ever plan to visit the remarkable city of Bhavnagar.