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Anand Travel Guide

Anand is not only famous for Pratik and Amul dairy but also the place is famous as a huge Hindu Pilgrimage. From huge chocolate factory to important Hindu temples among the devotees here are some of the most astonishing tourists places which not only makes Anand a very famous city but also some of the places make the entire Gujarat famous.

Also, the place has some most important factories and huge institutions but as we are talking about all the famous tourists places here are the top most loved places that you should add to your list if you ever plan a trip to the amazing city of Anand.

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best tourists places in Anand

  • AMUL Chocolate factory-
  • The Swami Narayan Mandir
  • The Flo Art Gallery
  • The Amul Co-operative Museum

AMUL Chocolate factory

The AMUL Dairy is famous all around the world but the chocolate factory here is a great place to visit and there are so many chocolate fans out there who just love this factory. Tourists get the full exposure on the procedure to make a delightful AMUL chocolate and AMUL allows you to see all the steps and production stages in making of a chocolate. There is a museum present here which is named as AMUL Co-operative museum which is again a very famous place to visit.

The Swami Narayan Mandir

The huge clear white six storeyed architectural building attracts many devotees and tourists from all around the world and is famous for its architectural significance and majestic inscriptions and carvings. Worshippers of Lord Narayan, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Harikrishna Maharaj visit the holy place. Also, deities of Guru Parampara and Ghanshyam Maharaj are present here and thus the place is considered to be very holy. It is believed that the majestic place is filled with peaceful atmosphere and there are also accommodation facilities available nearby.

The Flo Art Gallery

If you love enjoying art and handicrafts then this place is a must to be visited. Get to explore the artistic rich culture of Gujarat with some authentic handicraft works and sculptures. The gallery is famous for its own display of some of the finest murals, traditional clothing materials and some accessories and clay artwork too. You can also buy them if you like it and decorate your home with the unique things or buy something for yourself to take the richness of traditional Guajarati work with you. So, this place is also a good shopping spot and you can buy gifts for your close family and friends here to give them a glimpse of Gujarat.

The Amul Co-operative Museum

Well as mentioned before this place is again an important spot playing a major role in attracting tourists to Anand. The museum is designed in such a way that the tourists can find anything and everything about the entire history of Amul right from the beginning of its origination. Along with that some details of new methods for pasteurization of milk and the production of several AMUL processed food is easily known here. There is a photo gallery here and other documentaries are present to know about the company along with an auditorium which is present here.