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Tropical Spice plantation Travel Guide

The famous tourist destination spot is this Tropical Spice plantation as tourists who are true nature lovers could not resist visiting this place. Being a true call of nature, you will be guided here with the leaflet and a guide is assigned to you to tell every special detail about the place. The Tropical Spice plantation is an area where you can get to know about every rich Indian spice which has it own uses and benefits. It includes the spices like Black pepper, Cinnamon, Vanilla Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Chillies, and much other Tropical Spices which are planted here. See all the plants and its growth and the smell of spices surrounded the atmosphere is truly spectacular.

The Goa’s traditional way of plantation is something you will find very interesting here and along with the spices here are some tropical trees present here which includes cashew and palm trees and tropical fruits produced by some trees Jack Fruit, Bananas, Star fruit, Custard Apple, Papayas, Pineapple and much more. There are also some citrus fruit plantations present here along with the area getting often visited by monkeys and migratory birds. Coffee plants rarely grow on the lands of Goa but they are present here which is indeed unique and with the guided tour in your schedule you can also enjoy the famous Goan food which will be incorporated in the tour. An open-air restaurant, lunch in between a place surrounded with greenery, and exclusive Goan food and what else can your make your trip perfect? For all the bird watchers and wildlife lovers out there, this is a perfect place for you to spot some species.

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  • Tropical Spice plantation

Tropical Spice plantation-

More than 20 species of birds are found here and some of them are also very much endangered in the other regions. This Goan landscape is truly mind-blowing and the picturesque plantation will a delightful place to spend a nice time with your family and friends. To give you a closer look to all the birds and endangered species the facilities provided here include boating too. Via boating around the beautiful lake present here you can get a look of the entire place which is indeed majestic and get a closer look to capture some beautiful pictures of different bird species found here. Also do not forget to visit their most loved butterfly garden here and admirers can spend some amazing time with the different species of butterflies found here. Serving like a mini wildlife sanctuary, the Tropical Spice plantation is truly a delightful, pleasant and entertaining place which make your day amazing with the amazing food and other cuisines provided here, different endangered species found here, different varieties of plantations of tropical fruit trees, and spice plantations and the lake and butterfly garden just makes the place the shine more.