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Colva Beach Travel Guide

Colva is an amazing village with a beach stretching for 2.4 kilometres having pure white sand and crystal-clear water which makes it a true pleasure to know about the Gloriousness of the region in Goa. It a famous tourist destination mainly for its so clean beaches that can make you addicted to it and the pubs and clubs found near them which makes the place suitable for a perfect partying vacation. You can also try out the amazing restaurants near the beach. The beach is under the care of the lifeguards who keep roaming here for people in need help and many flags are placed for swimming area and which are not suitable for swimming. The beach will be very much exploded in the month of October as may tourists visit the region especially the pilgrims who visit the Colva Church which was founded on 1630. The church is also called Lagreja deNossa Senhora das Merces.

The region was under the rule of the Portuguese from 1510 until 1961 whereas the villages here had belonged since 1550. Some villas found here and the other remains trace back to 1550’s when they were constructed in a complete Portuguese style architecture. Colva is very much famous for the Our Lady of Mercy church, and the church got rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The church is renowned for the presence of statue of 'Menino Jesus' meaning Baby Jesus in it and the statue at Our Lady of Mercy church was found in the 17th century as per the locals. Today the beach shore is lined up with many long coconut trees which are also easily get sold by many local shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the fresh coconuts by having a great view of the water waves in front of you. The Colva beach just like some of the other beaches in the region of Goa has seen many drastic changes in the region’s history and the history of Goa had mainly the Portuguese rulers in it.

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  • Colva beach

Colva beach

Many Portuguese travelled from the beach side and the beauty of the place is what always attracted them and it to date attracts so many visitors every year that during the feats organised in the church, the beach and the nearby locations get highly exploded with many public, worshipper and the pilgrims who have been travelling from around the globe just to visit and receive some blessings from this sacred site. There are many hotels and resorts present near the beach and you can also visit the ships and markets which are set up every day and envy night neat the beach and also near the church. Shop something for your family and friends before you go back from you trip, also you can know abut the region more by antwacky visiting the place.