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Old Fort Travel Guide

Old fort is also famously known as the Purana Qila is a place which has seen some royal huge dynasties ruling it. The fort has been inhabited non-stop for over 2500 years and the first inhiation dates back to the ancient Pre-Mauryan period. The fort is one of the oldest and is rustic displaying the great history of the region. The Qila is also built on the banks of the glorious river of Holy Yamuna and is praised to date for its architectural beauty that will leave you awe-struck.

The fort has many myths and stories attached to it including the belief of the Mughal Emperor Humayun facing the end of his life here when he fell down the steps of his library. Ranging back to Medieval r auf you really interested in the history of the region then there is not a better place to visit in the region of Delhi then this fort itself. It is also said that the Indraprastha was constructed here by the Pandavas and the assembly hall of the fort is also mentioned in the Hindu holy book, Mahabharat. The fort is located in adorable surroundings with scenic views and picturesque landscape. The lush greenery spread around it is surely lovable and the Mughal style architecture of the fort is also appreciated by many tourists who visit this place.

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Old fort-

You might also see glimpse of Rajasthani architecture which is considered to be very royal her and there in this fort which stands 18 metres long. There is total three arched gateways found here which are the Bara Darwaza also known as the Big Gate and it is the main gate in use today. The other bate is the 'Humayun Gate' and it might be named as Humayun gate because of the view of the Humayun tomb which is received from this gate and the other one is the 'Talaqi Gate' which is also know as the forbidden gate. You can visit the Sher Mandal here which is also know as the library of the Emperor Humayun. It was the private library of the Mughal Emperor and along long with that there is also a mosque present inside the fort that is the Qila-i-Kuna Mosque which was constructed by Sher Shah in the year of 1541. All the gates seen here are made up of sandstone and are double storeyed structure which are a true delight to look at. The Purana Qila has been standing strong over the years and is truly a perfect example of traditional architecture which is praised highly in India. If you ever plan a trip to Delhi, then do not forget to add the tourist destination spot of Old Fort to you plan.