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Lotus Temple Travel Guide

The Lotus Temple is a beautiful worshipping place which is constructed in dedication to the Bahai faith. The temple has a unique flower like shape which makes it look like petals of lotus and thus the name of the temple goes by the Lotus temple. It is open to people following any religion and being a Baha’i House of worship, the temple is notable for its religious significance. It was dedicated back in 1986 to the Baha’i house of worship ad consist of 27 petals like structures which are made up of marbles. The building is renowned for its architecture and has won several awards for it too.

The central hall of the Lotus temple can hold the capacity of 2500 people and surely is one of the most highly visited places in Delhi. The temple was dedicated 23-27 December by gathering of 8,000 Baha’i’s who were from around 107 countries. Among them the 4,000 Baha’i’s came from the 22 provinces in India the temple was opened to public by January 1 st . The peaceful atmosphere surrounding the temple surely attracts many and this holy shrine construction was guided by Canadian architect Fariborz Sahba. The huge white petals surrounding the main temple is surely breath-taking and there is also a beautiful floral garden surrounding his temple. With the lush greenery spread across it, you will find several religious inscriptions and texts in this temple. The Baha’i faith teaches that Almighty showers blessings on every person as everyone is treated equally. Irrespective of the region, caste, sex or race, everyone can take shelter under the almighty’s blessings and this message is highly shared by every Baha’i monument built out there.

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  • The lotus temple

The lotus temple-

The enchanting here, with calmness in air and surrounding you makes this place a very good way to relax yourself from the worldly stress. Famous for its nine-sided circular shape, this temple located in the capital is made from white marble which was bright from Penteli mountain in Greece. This marble is also used in other all monuments made for dedicating it to the Baha’i faith which has no altars or pulpits incorporated in its architectural design and style. However, you can find Domes in Baha’i structure while not in others as it is not a very essential part of their construction. The astounding temple is surrounded with 9 beautiful ponds too look at which are also its primary attractions. The beautiful lotus temple also consists of huge nine doors. All these none doors open up to the central hall which has a spectacular view indeed. If you want to know more about the religious faith, structure and fine art of the temple then you should not miss a single chance to visit this holy place while visiting the spectacular region of Delhi.