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Jama Masjid Travel Guide

With a lend o Hindu and Muslim style of architecture, the beautiful Jama Masjid plays a vital role in the history if the region and it was built by the renowned emperor of the history, Emperor Shah Jahan. The mosque is also famously known as the 'Masjid-I Jahan-Numa' and it gets visited by n number of worshippers every year especially during the festival of Eid for offering the special Namaz. The mosque can host around 25 thousand people in its courtyard and this holy mosque was inaugurated by Syed Abdul Ghafoor Shah Bukhari. It extends by covering area of 1200 square metres and is surrounded with some fantastic Mughal structures.

Around 5 thousand workers worked from 1650 to 1655 for the construction of the majestic mosque and it took a million rupees for its construction. There are around 121 steps present to reach the main entrance and Non- Muslims would not be allowed to enter the mosque while the time of offerings. There are around 3 massive domes here and 899 black borders are marked for worshippers for their offerings. The massive central dome is constructed in Islamic style of design and is surely out-standing. The mosque is added to list of some of the Shah Jahan’s most renowned architectures including the Taj Mahal in it. After the inauguration of mosque was done and British entered the Indian lands to confiscate it during the Revolt of 1857, they faced a huge demolition. The British army decided to destroy the Jama Masjid for punishing the Mughals but they couldn’t do it due to the huge opposition received.

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  • Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid-

It is one of the last monuments built by the Emperor Shah Jahan and the royal masjid now serves a s well renowned tourist spot in Delhi. Being the best among all mosques built by the Mughals, the huge gates, towers, 40-metre-tall minarets, beautiful balcony are the primary attractions of the mosque which is highly loved by every tourist who visit the place. The mosque is around 261 feet huge and 90 feet wide and is made of red sandstone which makes it much attractive for sure. The arches here are huge cusped and there are also collections from the relics of Muhamad- the Quran found here having his sandals and foot prints safely placed in a marble block. Surely if you visit this place you will fall in love with the white and black reflective marble look like mat on the floor. However, you cannot see the unique madrasa which was located here years before as it was destroyed during the revolt by the British. The mosque is a must to add to your bucket list if you ever plan to visit the beautiful places of Delhi. This religious place has faced so many damages over the period but to date stands strong.