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Humayun’s tomb Travel Guide

Humayun's tomb has a rich historic significance and is the tomb of the well renowned Mughal Emperor Humayun who used to rule the region of Delhi once. The tomb was commissioned by his wife, Bega Begum and was designed by his son Mirek Mirza Ghana in 1558. As per the records the Humayun’s tomb is the first garden tomb which was ever constructed in this country and the tomb is also locate every close to another famous tourist spot of Delhi named the Old Fort.

The main tomb of the emperor is also surrounded with grave of his wife Empress Bega Begum and another wife named Hamida Begum. His great grandson, Dara Shikoh’s grave also lies here along with several other Mughal emperors and higher officials of the era. The classic Mughal architectural touches would be found here in this garden and the place was specifically chosen for the construction of the tomb because of its serene beauty. On the banks of Holy river Yamuna, the site is the same place when the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar took refuge. The main chamber here is very much famous for its Mihrab design which is the carvings and patterns over the jali also known as the marble lattice.

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Humayun’s tomb-

The mecca is facing the west the tomb is deigned in such a way that there are holy inscriptions of Surah 24, An-noor from the holy book Quran on the mihrabs which make the status of the emperor higher to any other emperor and his rivals. This resting place of the late emperor is exactly located in the Nizamuddin East and its splendid architecture looks richer and the red sandstone was used in the construction of the place. You will also find the Persian style of carving and construction here and the magnificent place was also listed as the UNESCO's World Heritage List in the year 1993. For the construction of the tomb famous rubble masonry is also used and the door frames, huge gateways, lobbies, amazing flooring, main dome, vaulted terrace and interior structure are some of the primary attractions of the emperor Humayun’s tomb. The area is totally splendid and it would be a huge no if you visit the region of New Delhi exploring the beauty of the city but not visiting this Mughal styled Emperor Humayun’s tomb. Mughal had always an eye on Delhi and when they won it, they had many architectures and structures built here making Delhi highly blessed with some of the rarely found Mughal- style statuesque views. This tomb is exactly one of them and to now about the rich history of the region it is a must to visit this place.