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Delhi zoo Travel Guide

This 176-acre massive zoo in New Delhi is a shine for the region and has been also famously known as the National Zoological park in the country, with lush greenery spread across the surroundings and a huge forest area covered here, the zoo has been winning hearts of every wildlife lover, nature lover and adventures tourist out there. The huge collection of animals found here surely is fascinating and along with that tourists get to know about them much more in detail here. The zoo was inaugurated in 1959 and now it is home to more than 1350 animals with more than 100 varieties of migratory birds found here. You can opt for the vehicle ride inside the zoo to reach every corner and spot here or can go for walking in this breath-taking place.

Although you cannot bring food from outside, there is a well-maintained canteen here in your service and surely this zoo is like a role model for very other zoo present in this country. From the beginning of the zoo itself, tourist will get insight of several animals and other species and few of them are endangered in other parts of the world too. From different monkeys to giraffes and birds like peafowl and hyenas many species are found here. There are some beautiful swamps designed for birds to drink water and there is also a unique reptile house ore sent here just on the centre of the zoo. Locals also famously call this place as Chidiya Ghar and the old name of the zoo that is Delhi zoo was officially changed to National zoological ark. However, whatever the name you go for, the place tends to just impress you for every minute you stand here. Th zoo also is renowned for having several conservative breeding programmes which are specially scheduled for Asiatic lions and Royal Bengal tigers along with some rarely found species like Brow Antler deer, red jungle towl and many others. Suiting their natural habitat perfectly, you cannot find such a massive, well-maintained unique zoo which provides the best for every animal residing here anywhere else.

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  • Delhi zoo

Delhi zoo

They do not only look into the captivity of the breeding of these endangered species but also want to save the richness of the nature and our doing their best via the zoo. Although the battery- operated vehicles that run here seem pretty cool and come at reasonable prices, the real fun can be inky achieved if you walk in this serene beautiful location. The fact that you get to explore the mesmerising landscape with filled joy and greenery along with knowing much more about the wildlife found in this region is surely wonderful and you must not let go of a single chance at any cost.