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Connaught Place Travel Guide

Delhi’s one of the most renowned and loved places in Connaught Place and you must have also seen this place in several Bollywood movies. It is a major shopping center and is also called as CP in its abbreviated form. You will find almost everything to buy here and as the place is commercially very important for the state, you can also find several important offices here. Although it is a very important and expensive centre in the region, it has become a very renowned tourist destination too for its amazing nightlife.

The area occupies around most of the Heritage structures found in the city and was constructed by Robert Tor Russel. He designed this place and today it’s like a showpiece which is indeed loved by many out there. The area back in history used to be covered with the kikar trees and several animals including jackals. The Hanuman temple present here was the first thing that attracted many people and tourists and locals and from there its evolution began. The construction of Connaught Place was headed by W.H. Nicholls and indeed its looks spectacular in the day and mind-blowing in the nights with all those lightings from several shops and offices. You want to buy anything memorable from your trip to Delhi then this is the right stop to make. Also, you can by several gifts for your closed one’s too and although the place had to face a lot of destruction during the terrorist attacks, it to date got itself together, standing strong to serve every tourist who visits the place.

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  • Connaught Place

Connaught Place-

Having the place named as Connaught Place it was given this name by the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn. You will find huge market complexes and along with that the place is also renowned for having the largest national flag you will find in this country ever. The place is blessed with some best colonial structures telling us the richness of the history of Delhi and along with that, there are many art galleries, theatres, antique shops, and much more to look at found here. The massive place is the 9th most expensive market and you will find from traditional Indian wears and jewelleries to all the western patterns easily available here. It is a huge tourist spot. Also, there are some of the very well renowned famous bars and restaurants. The place is the one where Delhi’s very first toy store, ice cream parlour and art galleries were established and thus it’s very important for people residing in the region. Some of the best things found here are the Indian handicrafts, best street food and there are some nightclubs also found here. It is very easy to know about the richness of the region’s culture and how colourful the city of Delhi is. The basic thing to do here is to have lots of fun by shopping and getting entertained here.