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Diu Travel Guide

If you like beaches and Portuguese architecture then Diu is the perfect stop to make with your family and friends to have a nice vacation with them. The beauty of the city with some amazing restaurants and bars has been attracting tourists for many years who love to take a break from hustle and bustle of the city life and work.

A good place to have your “Me” time and pamper yourself is Diu and here are some amazing tourists spots of Diu to visit.

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best tourists places in Diu

  • Nagoa Beach
  • The Diu Fortress
  • The Zampa Gateway
  • The Gangeshwar Temple
  • Sea shell museums

Nagoa Beach

As mentioned before the region is known for the beautiful beaches and Nagoa attracts many for sure. There are many resorts lined up near the place and you can relax here by enjoying the remarkable view nearby the beach. There are many trees surrounding the place especially the palm trees and the soft white sound touching your feet with the clear cool water to take a dip in a hot sunny day is an unique way to relax yourself. The place is also famous for the special Hako fruits grown here and serves as a perfect point for sunset and sunrise.

The Diu Fortress

Built by the Portuguese, the fort stands as a beautiful structure and as an example of Portuguese architectural style which traces back in 16th century. The Fort is also famous as it now a landmark and it is rich in history even before the Portuguese rule. Several royal dynasties ruled the region and they kept constructing and stretching the fort until 1537 when the Portuguese came in to the rule.

The Zampa Gateway

Another important tourist spot to visit in Diu is the Zampa Gateway and it is a major landmark of Diu now. The beautiful huge red gateways have many delicate carvings on it with angels and lions on it. There is also a waterfall in this place but it is an artificial yet very beautiful to look at. Many tourists visit the Zampa gateways during their trip to Diu to enjoy the beauty of the place.

The Gangeshwar Temple

Famous for the history of the temple it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This ancient Temple is visited by many Hindu devotes and as per the belief the temple has 5 Shiva Lingas which were built by the Pandavas. The Shiva Lingas are present in the centre of the sea and only their tips is visible if the place gets filled with water as the region has faced high tides frequently.

Sea shell museums

- There are not many shell museums around the world and this one in Diu is famous for the amazing collection. Tourists can find the collection of Captain Fulbari. The sailor had a habit to collect pretty, unique styled shells with amazing colours and patterns on it. So, his collection is beautifully displayed here and you can understand the varieties of shells in detail here. People get here a magnifying glass to get a better look at the shells.