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Silvassa Travel Guide

Silvassa is a city which is known for its lush greenery and has many hills of the Western Ghats. It is a quiet, relaxing place where you can send some quality time with your loved ones in a peaceful atmosphere. Silvassa is known for its historical significance too and as it has Portuguese heritage, there are many architectural places to find here.

The region is filled with some of the exotic resorts along with different cuisine restaurants where you can try out the traditional food of the region too. To make a note of the Gujarati cuisines here are very much famous and as the city lies in between Maharashtra and Gujarat, you will get a glimpse of both the cultures here.

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best tourists places in Silvassa

  • The Vanganga lake
  • The Lion Safari Wildlife park
  • The Islamic garden
  • The Hiram Van Garden

The Vanganga lake

The beautiful lake is located in the amidst of another famous tourist spot of the region and that is the Island garden. The surrounding of the lake offers breath-taking sceneries which will be perfect for clicking some amazing pictures. If you’re a nature lover then this place is meant for you to visit. Also, there are other facilities provided here including the boating services and there are flowerbeds for you to sit and enjoy the beauty of the nature. The lake is also surrounded with spectacular green gardens to have a nice walk. The place looks absolutely breath-taking during the sunset and the sunrise times for sure. There also several local shops, and food stalls present near the lake for you to go for some shopping and to try the local snacks of the region.

The Lion Safari Wildlife park

Again a very beloved tourist spot in the region of Silvassa which gets highly visited by wildlife lovers is this wildlife park. As by the name you would have known that the park is famous for the service of lion safaris that it provides. Being a section of the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary, it protects many Asiatic lions.

The Islamic garden

This tourist destination is place around the lake of Vanganga and is a true delightful spot for spending a nice sunny day. It serves as an awesome picnic spot too and looks splendid with the wooden bridges, clear lake, Preet boats, full greenery and much more to find out.

The Hiram Van Garden

The term Hirwa indicates green and Van means forest and the greenery filled garden is a perfect spot for you enjoy the nature. Abundant beauty of waterfall with so many colourful flowers spread surrounding it is indeed candy to eyes and you can spend some amazing time here with less polluted refreshing air. As the name goes by, the garden is just like green forest where you will find many picturesque sights and the place is very much famous among tourists too.