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Bodh Gaya Travel Guide

Bodh Gaya is a pilgrimage site for many people who follow Buddhism as the place is associated with the holy Mahabodhi temple. It is said the Gautama Buddha received enlightenment here and especially under the Bodhi tree and many tourists of other religion too visit the sacred land.

The Mahabodhi temple here is now a UNESCO Heritage Site and situated by the banks of Lilajan River and so this place is the example of natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to visit in Bodh Gaya.

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best tourists places in Bodh Gaya

  • The Mahabodhi Temple
  • The Bodhi Tree
  • The Great Buddha statue-
  • Brahmayoni temple
  • Vishnupad Temple
  • Dungeshwari Hills

The Mahabodhi Temple

As mentioned before this is the most important tourist place that is a must to visit as it is believed that Buddha received enlightenment here, at this place under the Bodhi tree. For over 200 years this site has become very important for the devotees and the structures here traces back to 2nd century CE. Many of the ancient elements found here are moved to the museum but the main temple here has a majestic structure. The shikhara towers of the temple are 55 meters long and the Buddhist architecture of the temple makes it very pleasant to visit.

The Bodhi Tree

It is said the Gautama Buddha meditated below the tree for 49 days before the enlightenment and thus this tree is also called as sacred fig. The tree is located within the Mahabodhi temple and now the tree which is present is considered to be the descendant of the original tree. The tree was planted around 250 BCE and now is visited by millions of pilgrims.

The Great Buddha statue

Having a great importance among the Buddhist devotees the statue is around 19.5 m high and Gautam Buddha sits on a lotus of 6 feet in height. The meditation pose of the statue is known as dhyana mudra and the statue was designed by V. Ganapati Sthapati. It took around 7 years to complete its construction and is the largest Buddha statue found in India.

Brahmayoni temple

The temple located at the hill top, between the beautiful greenery spread around it is again visited by many devotees every year. It is believed that Gautama Buddha preached the fire-sermon here at this place to the fire praying ascetics and thus this place plays a major role in Buddhism. There are around 424 high stone steps to reach this temple

Vishnupad Temple

The temple is built in a dedication for Lord Vishnu has a 40 cm long footprint of Lord Vishnu in it. It is closed with a basin made of silver plates. It is believed that the footprints mark the act of the God placing his feet on Gayasur's chest so many Hindu pilgrims visit the holy place. There are also many other temples here like the ones dedicated for Lord Narasimha, Lord Shiva along with others.

Dungeshwari Hills

The cave like structured holy land is said to be the place where Lord Buddha stayed for some time before he left for Bodh Gaya for receiving enlightenment. The caves here are the place where Gautama Buddha used to mediate and to date the Stupas and shrines are found here. Also, the hills are famous the picturesque views of the surroundings and if you like trekking then this is the right place to visit.