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Tezpur Travel Guide

Tezpur is one of the most beautiful cities with scenic beauty of nature and rich culture of the region. Blessed with beautiful hillocks, gardens and cultural heritage it is indeed a must to visit place in Assam.

Tezpur is also known for many religious monuments found here along with the famous national parks and other tourist destination spots found. Here are the top 4 most amazing places found in Tezpur that is a must to not miss at any chance.

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best tourists places in Tezpur

  • The Mahabhairab Temple
  • Da-Parbatia
  • Agnigarh
  • The Chitralekha Udyan

The Mahabhairab Temple

The temple is also known as the Mahabhairva temple and this holy shrine gets visited by many tourists and worshippers at a wider range. The Hindu temple is renowned for its history and is dedicated to lord Shiva. The Shivalinga present here is known as the Mahabhairab Shivalinga and the temple was constructed by Banasura. As per the local’s belief, the temple was constructed by him and he installed the great powerful Shivalinga here which was made from a living stone and thus the Shivalinga keeps growing. Some beliefs also say that Salasthambha dynasty ruler built this temple.


Adding one more amazing place to the list, the Da-Parbatia is a nearby village which has many ancient artefacts and historical temples present here. There is an ancient temple constructed in 6th century present and along with that remains of a Lord Shiva temple is also found which was constructed by the Ahom dynasty. The doorframes here date back to 600 AD and the village was before a temple complex back in 5th century.


The hillock is very important as per the Hindu mythology and is considered to be a fortress built by Banasura. As per the legend his daughter, Usha fell in love in her dreams with Aniruddha, grandson of Krishna and she did not know about it. Her companion Chitralekha found out about it when she described Aniruddha to her and thus Chitralekha brought sleeping Aniruddha to Usha one night using her power. When Banasura came to know about it, he tied Aniruddha with snakes and even with Lord Krishna’s permission to the marriage he did not wanted it to happen. This led to a huge war and Aniruddha was still in capture of Banasura. He made this fortress to keep his daughter safe but however in the end, fearing from Lord Shiva he allowed Usha to marry Aniruddha.

The Chitralekha Udyan

Also known as the Cole park it got renamed after the name of Banasura’s daughter, Usha’s companion Chitralekha. This is a picturesque tourist destination spot and is renowned for several fun activities and along with that kids can have fun with several rides here. There are bumping cars and a jet fighter model set up here too.