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Sivasagar Travel Guide

Sivasagar also known as Sibsagar is famous for the rich history od Ahom Dynasty found here and the culture of the region. The historic city has been blessed with many architectural structures, statuesque landscapes and breath-taking views.

You will find n number of temples along with many forts here and thus it ranks top in our list of best places to visit in the beautiful region of Assam. To know about some of the most popular regions to visit and know about in Sivasagar read ahead in this article.

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best tourists places in Sivasagar

  • The Ahom museum
  • The Talatal Ghar
  • Sivadol
  • The Joysagar tank

The Ahom museum

Surrounded with scenic views the spectacular museum is indeed very informative and is located on the banks of Sibsagar Lake. The stunning museum talks much about the region of Sivasagar along with the information about the history of the royal family, traditional artefacts, Ahom culture, several paintings and things and manuscripts which were owned by the Ahom rulers and some great officials who lived in the region. You can surely enjoy the nature surrounding the Ahom museum and take a nice walk here.

The Talatal Ghar

Also famously known as the Rangpur Palace is one of the most majestic destinations found here in the region of Sivasagar. The place screams rich Assamese culture and surely people interested in the history of Assam would love to visit this place. Tourists love the architectural style of the palace along with a glimpse of Mughal style is found here and Tai Ahom architecture. The Talatal Ghar is also known as Kareng Ghar and is a seven-story royal palace which was made by a mixture of powdered rice and duck eggs to make it much stronger.


As the name goes by Sivadol, this place is a renowned temple dedicated to powerful Hindu God Shiva and is located on the banks of the beautiful Sibsagar Lake. The temple was constructed back in 1734 by the queen of Ahom Kingdom. Bar Raja Ambika was the queen who made this majestic massive Shiva temple which is considered to be the tallest in the country ranging around 32 m in height and the base perimeter of 59 m and has some unique Assamese carvings found here which will surely astonish you.

The Joysagar tank

The spectacular unique structure is located in serene beauty and was constructed in 1697. It is believed that the tank here was built within a record of 45 days. The temples and tanks present here are rich in cultural significance and they in total covers an area of 320 acres. You will find temples like Shiv temple, The Nati Gosain temple and The Devi Ghar also known as the Devi temple making this place very sacred and religious. It is also very easy to reach the temple from the region of Rangpur and it is indeed a must to visit spot.