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Jorhat Travel Guide

Jorhat is a famous religious land and is famous for having many tea gardens ranging up to 100 and more and some beautiful well-maintained wildlife sanctuaries ever found. Jorhat is like a complete package of fun with sanctuaries, gardens, river islands, and much more to explore in this colourful region.

. You can do picture yourself having an amazing vacation with your family and friends here and can go ahead to enjoy the artistic city’s beauty with these 4 places found here./p>

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best tourists places in Jorhat

  • The Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Raja Maidam
  • The Majuli island
  • The Bangalpukhari

The Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

The famous sanctuary is renowned for the hoolock gibbon found here and thus its name include Gibbon it. The sanctuary is surrounded with many tea gardens and also you can see the holy river of Brahmaputra nearby the sanctuary. You can find the species like langur, macaques, with around 40 other species and many birds. The sanctuary is indeed a peaceful place and you can surely spend a nice sunny day with you loved ones.

The Raja Maidam

One of the Jorhat most visited places is the Raja maidam which describes the rich history of the region. The maidam holds the ashes of the late King Purandar Sinha who once ruled the lands of Jorhat. When the King died, his followers and family decided to construct the maidam in 1984 as to keep his memory always among the people who loved him. The place is now a famous tourist spot and you should do try to visit this place for knowing much more about the beautiful region of Jorhat.

The Majuli island

The beautiful place is located near the river Brahmaputra and is one of the most famous islands found here. The island is the biggest river island in the entire and globe and its unique beauty is something you must enjoy. Visiting Jorhat but not visiting the Majuli island is a huge no and the dense forest found here makes it a very natural place with clean environment. You will find many villages here and mostly tribal people reside in the island so you can find out about their rich culture and tradition easily.

The Bangalpukhari

It is a massive water tank constructed in 1739. The tank is however not used by the people who reside here because of a myth saying that the water stored here is gets used, then it might bring bad omen. The Bangalpukhari was built when the cruel governor Badan Barphukan was killed. He used to torture and kill the Assamese and Burmese soldiers. The person who built the tank was the same man who killed the governor, as he earned money for killing him. As the tank is made from such kind of money people were afraid to use it believed it will do something bad for the city and for themselves.