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Guwahati Travel Guide

Guwahati is a highly blessed region with many traditional structures, religious places and cultural things to look at here.

Also, it is one of the highest visited places in the region of Assam with a rich history if the city. The city was before known as Pragjyotishpura and now this city has become very important for the tourism in Assam. Here are some of the best places to visit here

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best tourists places in Guwahati

  • The Kamakhya Temple
  • The Assam State Museum
  • The Umananda Temple
  • The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kamakhya Temple

The sacred shrine is considered to be very holy and is dedicated to the powerful Hindu Goddess Shakti. As per the Hindu mythology among all the 4 important and religious Shakti Pethas, the Kamakhya Temple is one of them and is highly visited by the many worshippers. The Kamakhya Temple is very unique because it showcases the power of woman to give birth. The elegant temple is beautifully carved and traces back to several centuries for its ancient carving styles found. Also, there is a pretty garden surrounding with peaceful atmosphere which is surely lovable.

The Assam State Museum

The museum was established in the British reign on 1940 and was developed by Kanklal Baruah. The museum is also known as Assam Rajyik State Museum which consists of glimpses of ancient history. The museum talks about every important thing that happened in the history of Assam and also includes things from the World War II. Know about the culture of Guwahati and other cities in Assam along with some astonishing sculptures and paintings found here along with some huge vibrant other colourful collections present.

The Umananda Temple

Alongside with the holy river of Brahmaputra the holy temple is located to dedicate it to mighty Lord Shiva. The temple is located in the Peacock Island and has divine surroundings especially attracting many nature lovers from around the world. It was constructed by King Gadadhar Singha in 1694 A.D. but later was destroyed in an earthquake. However, it got re-constructed and today there are total 10 Hindu Lord’s idols reside here. The main reason for the temple to be so famous is its rich historical significance and the serene beautiful views found nearby it which surely is attractive.

The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

The splendid sanctuary is truly a nature’s masterpiece and is renowned for being home to a greater number of One-horned Rhinos found in the entire globe. The Sanctuary does also gets visited by so many migratory birds and is a place perfect for bird watching. It covers an area of around 38 sq. km and is filled with tall dense trees and nature. If you are really into exploring the beauty of Guwahati with discovering more about the raw wilderness of the sanctuary, getting information of several species found here then you must not miss a single chance to visit this place.