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Dibrugarh Travel Guide

Dibrugarh is the largest city in the region of Assam with many tourist spots. Being a well-developed city, Dibrugarh has been a city famous for its culture and tradition

The city is also believed as a gateway to many major cities in Assam with huge tea estates found here along with breath-taking landscapes. Also, huge production of timber is obtained here in the city of Dibrugarbh. We have picked the top best places for you to visit when you plan a trip to this beautiful city.

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best tourists places in Dibrugarh

  • Dehing Namti Satra
  • Tuting
  • The Barbarua Maidam
  • The Dinjoy Satra
  • The tea garden

Dehing Namti Satra

The splendid tourists spot is filled with great atmosphere and is located on the banks of clear river Disang. The satra was found years back by Binandashyam Gohain and his follower Lachit Borphukan. A branch of the place is situated in Namti and the satra is around 8 miles away from Naharkatiya town. If you ever plan to visit Assam then it is a must to visit Dehing Namti Satra in Dibrugarh.


A place made for people who love adventures especially rafting. The remote area is surely adorable and with the large waves of Brahmaputra river, you will surely love this place. With the surrounded thick forest, crystal clear Brahmaputra river and you having a lot of fun by rafting will make your trip much more adventures and memorable for sure.

The Barbarua Maidam

This is an ancient place which is also a burial mound for all the important people in the history of Assam and Dibrugarbh. Many royals and highly renowned officials have been buried here. There are 2 ancient graveyards present here is devoted for the highest ranked officials and the other two present here are for the devoted to all the brave soldiers who fought for their mother land.

The Dinjoy Satra

The satra is located very close to the Chabua Township and was founded by Aniruddha Dev. Initially the satra was found in the village of Bisnubalikakunshi but later it was shifted to Khutiaputa by naming it the Dinjoy Satra. There were many issues during its shifting period and also during renaming it but after it got shifted to Khutiaputa it has been placed here with the same name.

The tea garden

As Assam is famous for its amazing tea you will find Dibrugarh with finest green gardens/ tea plantations producing refreshing tea for sure. You can buy the tea from here which are truly flavoursome and also take some tea packs back for you closed ones too. Along with the huge garden here, it has the smell of tea filled in its air which itself is very refreshing and you can also take a nice walk in this garden and watch the procedure of tea picking and collecting here.