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West Kameng Travel Guide

Derived from the Kameng river this beautiful district of Arunachal Pradesh is the most visited tourists places of all times and is especially known for its flora and fauna. The city is rich in natural surroundings as most of its area is covered by the Himalayas.

The cool temperature in maintained throughout the year which again is a primary reason to visit this place as many people choose cold regions over hot one’s. With high amount of attracting places, we have mentioned the top in our list here-

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best tourists places in West Kameng

  • Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary-
  • Sangti valley
  • Bomdila Monastery
  • Diran Dzong
  • Thupsung Dhargye Ling

Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary

The protected area of India is a beautiful birding site and is conjoined with the Sessa Orchard Sanctuary. There are more than 454 bird species such as eagles, black stork, flycatchers, waders, munia and much more. Along with that tourists will find 34 species of amphibians, and 24 species of snakes also 7 species of lizards here with the beautiful scenery as a huge plus point.

Sangti valley

The valley is a candy to eye in this heavenly hill station and is surrounded by the Eastern Himalayas. You will find several fruit orchards here such as kiwi, apple, orange and much more and if you want to know about the rich culture of West Kameng then this is the right place to visit. Also, if you visit this valley during the season of winter then the valley will be surrounded with cloudy white snow and there is a high chance to get the see the Black-necked cranes as they migrate from china to this place.

Bomdila Monastery

Built in 1965 the out-standing monastery was constructed by the 12th incarnation of the TsonaGontse Rinpoche. With the mind-blowing architecture the inside of the monastery is filled with holiness and there is a huge prayer hall built in it. Lamas use the prayer hall for worshipping and the breath-taking natural beauty surrounding it with pleasant atmosphere makes it one of the best tourists’ attractions in the list.

Dirand Dzong

The small town of Dirang in the West Kameng district is renowned for its Dirand Dzong which is a fort and it is about 150 years old. If you visit the stone houses nearby it, many of them will be more than a 500-year-old. This place is rich for its traditional houses and culture and how can we forget the Hot Water Spring present here? As per the belief it is said to have many medicinal contents in it and there is also National Research Centre on Yak in the main city which is a bit far.

Thupsung Dhargye Ling

The Buddhist temple is actually an institute for learning Tibetan Buddhism by the monks here. The name of the temple was set by Dalai Lama and thus is considered to be very sacred and holy. The temple is Dirang and as compared to other Indian schools here everything is not taught in English or Hindi but only in Tibetan. This is the perfect place to visit to know about the scared Tibetan culture in depth.