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Itanagar Travel Guide

A place where you can know in depth about the speciality, culture and rich artwork of Arunachal Pradesh and a bit of its history is Itanagar. Surrounded by the Himalayas, there are some of the highly visited tourist places in this city and the beauty of the town is enough to attract many.

Three are also some of the best bazars here selling the finest artworks and clothes, traditional jewellery and accessories of Arunachal Pradesh along with other places to visit.

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best tourists places in Itanagar

  • Ita fort
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Gompa temple
  • The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum
  • Polo Park

Ita fort

The historical site named Ita fort meaning fort of bricks is famous for its unique brickwork. There are around 16,200 cubic metre of brickwork invested in this fort and it all traces back to 14th century when the fort was built by the King Ratnadhwajpal. There have been many ancient findings found in this fort which are displayed in the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum. The fort is located in a beautiful picturesque view in the mountain region and it is more fun to visit the place especially in the summers.

Namdapha National Park

It is the third largest park in India and was originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1972. Many rare animals and other species which you can hardly find in other parts of the world are present in this park and that’s what is attracting many tourists every year. Animals like Snow Leopard, tiger and other species are found here and as the park is constructed between the beautiful peeks of Arunachal Pradesh, the scenery is memorable for sure. Perfect for hikers the national park also has some of the rarely seen migratory birds.

Gompa temple

A major tourists attracting place is this temple which is located very close to the Nehru Museum. The shrine is surrounded by green carpet scenery and outside the main gompa you will find a beautiful white stupa with unique carvings on it. The main Gompa is located at the hill top from where you can get a good look at the entire city. Followers of Lord Buddha believe that this shrine is very holy and they visit this place very often to adorn its beauty.

The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum

Being the state museum this place is very famous among the locals and the tourist and was established back in 1980s. There are several sections in the museum for handicrafts and historical findings in Arunachal Pradesh. Along with that tribal life, weapons, ethnographic collection, traditional things and much more are displayed here. There is also a handicraft workshop organised inside this museum which is indeed fun to watch.

Polo Park

The park is an amazing sight seeing place and a botanical park attracting all the tourists especially the nature lovers from around the world. You will find here a wide collection of flowers and orchids along with a mini zoo present within it. There is also a handicraft centre nearby which is specially known for the traditional clothings along with shawls, woven carpets, and much more that is found here.