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Dibang Valley Travel Guide

Renowned for the clear rivers and tributaries, in the region of Dibang valley the main river originates from the mountains of the Arunachal Pradesh.

The place is very much famous for the breath-taking views including full greenery spread hills and some of the holy places here is highly visited by the devotees. Dibang valley is mainly famous for the Dibang river and wildlife.

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best tourists places in Dibang Valley

  • The Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dri Valley
  • Anini
  • Athupopu

The Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Upper Dibang Valley this wildlife sanctuaries covers around 4,149 km2 of land. Being rich in wildlife some of the rare mammals like red panda, Asiatic black bear, tiger and many more species are found here. It is also famous for the flying squirrel found there which was recently discovered and is named as Mishmi Hills Giant Flying Squirrel. The herbivores found her are Goral, Takin, and Serow along with others. Also, snow leopards are found in the high altitudes and nearby this place many cottages are found.

Dri Valley

This beautiful place is where the river Dri flows which is 32 kms from Anini. This is a spot which can be visited to have a small trip to even in winters. So, if you like sight-seeing, love nature and cool chill atmosphere then the Dri valley is the perfect spot for you. Once you reach ITBP base camp you cannot go any further with a vehicle and have to go for trekking.


This place is the headquarters of the Dibang Valley. The cool climate here attracts many tourists for its calmness and the small town gives a peaceful village feel. The place is the home for may Idu Mishmi tribal people and the plateau region is visited by many people to know about them in detail. For the exact location of the town, it is located between the two tributaries of Dibang river that is the Dri river and Mathun river. Anini is famous for the pleasant weather and the fresh air so many tourists come to this place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are many cottages and hotels nearby this place where you can stay for complete relaxation.


It is considered to be a very sacred place especially among the people and locals belonging to the Idu Mishmis and it is located around 50 kms away from the town of Anini. The main reason for this place to spread its fame day by day among the tourists is that the hills here being perfect for trekking and mountain climbers find this remote place a perfect source of entertainment for them. Many camps are organised here and groups of mountain climbers get ready for the adventure of Athupopu. The waterfalls, deep forests, clouds reaching the hill top, mist covered in the mornings are some of the prime attractions of this place.