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Neil island Travel Guide

The breath-taking tourist spot of the Neill Island is a part of the South Andaman Islands and has been famous among tourists for its beautiful beaches. It is a part of the Ritchie’s Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal and is separated from the Neil island by a huge ocean. So, if you visit the beauty of Neil island then do not forget the close by Neil islands too. Talking about the amazing things to do here, being a renowned beach, you can see clear water and soft as cotton sand here. Tourists get highly attracted to the beach of Bharatpur along with the sandy beach of Sitapur and the Lakshmanpur beach.

The beaches are something which are very famous in this island. The greenery spread here us surely mesmerising and as it has most of its land covered by the forests you can surely enjoy the nature’s beauty at this amazing place. There is enough flora present here even with the forest covered are being a bit damaged due to the residents and as the soil of this amazing island is high in nutrition some finest quality of rice and vegetables are produced here. Most of the crops cultivated here are shared to many other places in the Andaman Islands. You can utterly visit the place if you want to a short break from the city life and feel some fresh air, rich traditions, have local yummiest snacks and food along with some cleanest beaches to have a nice walk. The island is actually named after the British general James Neil. He fought on the side of the British East India company in 1857.

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But later the island got renamed in 2018 as Shaheed Dweep as it got dedicated to the late Subhas Chandra Bose. The island’s main income comes from tourism and agriculture and it is also famous for producing some high-quality organic fruits which are sold almost in every shop here. If you love adventures and would like to try out some of the amazing water sport rides and games then the Bharatpur beach is the right stop to make to spend some quality time. Although the island has some other cleanest and breath-taking beaches activities like scuba diving, boat riding and much more are available only at this beach. There are no self-drive vehicles allowed to be entered in this island but you can explore the beautiful place by renting a cycle or a two-wheeler having some real fun out here. You can also hire the private cabs available here but the best way to explore this amazing tourist spot is by walk. There are also ferry rides available for you to travel from Port Blair to the Neil Island but are very limited.