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Havelock island- Travel Guide

Havelock Island is one of those places in the Great Andaman region which is allowed to explored by tourist. It is one of the largest islands found in the region with unimaginable scenic beauty and entertaining things to be found out. The island’s name was officially changed into Swaraj island as a tribute to Subha Chandra Bose. He hoisted the Indian national flag in 1943 at the port Blair and since the name of the island has officially changed. Before the island was named as the Havelock island as a tribute to British General Sir Henry Havelock who served in the country back in the days. The island is now also listed a sone of the most visited islands in the Nicobar archipelago and it covers an area of 113.93 square kilometres massively.

The Havelock island has become such an important and most visited tourist spot in the region because of its soft white sand and crystal clearwater. Indeed, the place is well maintained by the government and you will also find rich corals here. Covered mostly with beaches and greenery, forest area, the island is also home to one of the world-famous beaches named the Radhanagar beach and the Vijaynagar beach which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It will be hard to find ever a single bit of dirt here. Many adventurous tourists who love water sports go in search of the Havelock islands because of tits amazing facilities that are provided. From deep sea diving to scuba diving, and from snorkelling to other water rides anything and everything is available here which will keep you addicted in visiting his place again and again.

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  • Havelock island

Havelock island

There are some other popular beaches present in the island which includes the Kalapathar beach and the Elephant beach which are again one of the cleanest and splendid beaches you will find anywhere else in this country. There are many hotels, cottages, resorts present here, especially some luxurious resorts near the beachside for you to escape from the hustle and bustle and stress of city life and work and spend some amazing time here with you family and friends. There are some deep tropical forests found here where you can go for a walk, or a ride to explore the nature and the island much more in depth. There are many food stalls, and restaurants present near the beaches which you can give a try to know about the several cuisines which you haven’t explored yet. Nearby these beaches there are villages present too and you can know about their culture and tradition if you wish to do so. Along with that there is also a Light house here on the north end of the island which was constructed back in 2005.