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With their grandiose heights and breathtaking landscapes, the Himalayas keep on testing the cheerful thrill-seekers from across the world. While skiing is among the most pursued experience journeys at various Himalayan retreats in India, heli-skiing adds another turn to the story. Envision the sheer rush of being taken in a helicopter to the fortifying heights from where you plummet skiing on the ancient slants, revealing the mind-boggling regular vistas for what it's worth. Regardless of whether you heli-skied at the elite inclines of British Columbia and Alaska or not, heli-skiing in India is something you will love for long.

The Indian skiing landscape has gotten acclaimed for its 'curry powder' - an expression begat by skiers to portray the superb granular or cushy snow powder that considers smooth ski trails. Set at 34°N, the elevation in Manali and Gulmarg gives longer days and takes into account skiing either with or against the sun. The damp content is noticeable, making the geography excellent for corn snow-skiing in the spring. Skiers allude to powdery snow that structures because of liquefying and refreezing cycles during day and night as corn snow. Here are the famous places for Heli-Skiing in India:

Himachal: Manali is perhaps the best spot to go heli-skiing and is known for having one of the deepest snowpacks in the Himalayas. A 10-minute helicopter ride will take you to the highest point of a 14,000-feet-high incline around Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and the Chanderkhani Pass close to Manali. Inferable from the height, Manali has longer days and considers skiing both with and against the sun. Most heli-skiing bundles incorporate 100,000 feet of vertical skiing, an aide administration and a torrential slide handset, stay in Manali, and dinners, accompanied air and ground moves (Delhi-Manali-Delhi), air terminal exchanges and neighbourhood charges. However, make sure to check what is incorporated before booking a package.

Auli: Amidst the untainted greatness of nature and endearing otherworldliness of various journey locales, Uttaranchal's distinguishing strength for skiing is at Auli. With slopes actually considered virgin, this fantasy town quickly enrols its quality among the world's most eminent skiing interests. Regardless of your involvement in the experienced sport, you will undoubtedly experience limitless delight heli-skiing at almost 3,000 m. in Auli.

Gulmarg: The beautiful town in the fabulous valley of Kashmir, Gulmarg is the head winter sports location in India. With the ideal force and corn snow-loaded inclines, Mount Apharwat (around 4,270 m. high) invites runs of travellers during the skiing season. The glorious excellence of shiny pinnacles flickering under the sun and snow-loaded pines and firs expand the fun of heli-skiing at Gulmarg. Consider it's anything but a chance to appreciate different undertakings like snowboarding and gondola rides and furthermore to investigate the close-by vacationer's places like Srinagar and Sonmarg. All this makes Gulmarg perhaps the best spot for heli-skiing in India.