Top ideas and Tips to follow whenever you feel homesick.

When you’re far away from home, homesickness is pretty natural. Many people often experience homesickness when they move away from their families. Mostly homesickness kicks in when you are far away, say abroad, and the feeling of isolation and loneliness keeps on bugging you. It’s quite okay to feel this way, but what’s important is don’t let homesickness take a toll on you. Moving away is the big transition of life; you are bound to feel overwhelmed with so many feelings at once. Whether you’re from the other side of the world or just a few cities away from home, just remember anyone can suffer from homesickness. Therefore, to help you deal with homesickness, we have come up with few ideas; follow these steps/ ideas to overcome: 

Let yourself be for some time

First and foremost thing you need to remember and accept is it’s okay to feel this way. When you move away from home for a long time, it’s natural to feel homesick. Let this feeling sink in, and don’t panic. Let your mind and body adjust to a new environment. It’s natural; you will take some time to adapt; if you think only you feel this way, then it’s not; everyone does. Let yourself be homesick and cry your heart out. If you panic right now, it is going to worsen the situation. So, let it out by crying or scream, of course not in a way to disturb others. 

Connect with others and make new friends

The best way to combat your isolating feeling is by connecting with others. Go out with your mates for a relaxing dinner or some movie time. Make new friends around you. It’s a great way to lift your mood and make you feel better about your surroundings. 

So, Don’t hesitate and restrict yourself! We know it isn’t easy to connect with someone new, but you have to try at least. Invite your classmates or colleagues for dinner or lunch at your place; this can be an ice breaker. Remember, some people are in the same boat, so maybe even they wanted someone to talk to. You can plan a movie night or dinner at a restaurant. Even better if you know how to cook, invite them for a home-cooked meal. 

Talk to others or write a journal

It might seem you’re the only person feeling homesick, but you’re likely not. You might feel the pressure to keep up your happy face in front of new mates, but you don’t need to; homesickness is common and happens to almost everyone. Instead of feeling pressured with the situation, try to let it out, talk to someone back home or some of your new friends; it will help you feel light. It always does. If you’re introverted and hesitate to share your feelings, writing a journal can be your solution. Write whatever you’re feeling, whatever you want to say. What’s more important is to talk or let it out. However, Talking to someone can give you the support and guidance you need, so it’s better to share with someone you trust. 

Stay away from social media for some time

When people feel homesick, they tend to distract themselves from social media, which only triggers their feelings. Watching your family pictures or friends putting stories of their hangout will only make you more homesick. So, keep your phone aside for at least 24 hours and try to indulge in physical activities. Go for a walk and observe your surroundings or ask your new colleagues or classmates to spend some relaxing time. 

Don’t compare yourself with others

During homesickness, it’s easy to look at everyone’s social media profiles with yourself. Often people feel they are doing something wrong, but you’re not. Don’t compare yourself with others; social media is superficial; most of the time, it shows what people want you to know; Nobody shows their vulnerability. So, try not to compare yourself and don’t expect something new every day. It takes time to adjust to a new place, people, surroundings, and feelings. You never know they might be feeling the same. 

Ask for help

Although homesickness is natural, if you’re feeling homesick for a long time, ask for help. Don’t restrict yourself or ignore if you have been feeling the same for a long time. It might not be homesickness before it triggers more ask for help. Also, if you’re feeling homesick and worried about your studies or work, ask for extra time from your authorities. Don’t overburden yourself. Worrying too much about everything will only make matters worse, so sort out your problem before it gets worse. You can ask your higher authority or class teacher or lecturer, anyone mature that can help you. 

Exercise your homesickness out

Exercise is an excellent way to overcome your feelings and divert your mind. When you feel low, it’s tempting to sit on the couch the whole day and eat a lot of food that you will regret later; it’s likely to make you feel worse. 

Excise will help you feel fresh and lift your mood. Find a nearby gym and sweat it out, or you can try and search for a home workout. 

It might feel difficult initially, but you will feel fresh once you get adapted to it. So, pick yourself up and exercise; it will surely make you feel better. You even try some yoga, if not exercise. 

Make your routine

Homesickness can make you feel lazy and low on energy, but the longer you wait, the longer you will feel bad. Figure out what you want to do regularly. Start with today; make a list of things you’re going to do this week and daily. Start by cooking yourself some good food. If you don’t know cooking, What’s a better time to learn something new. Go on YouTube and learn; it will lift your mood and help you with new habits.


Homesickness is a natural feeling of loneliness and isolation; almost everyone feels homesick after moving away from family. Accept, let it out and Try these ideas; they will make you feel better.

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