Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations In India

After finishing the hectic marriage or the rituals, one surely needs a good break and privacy to spend time with their respective spouse. It will be achieved by choosing the best honeymoon plan. Hence finding the best place and plan for one’s honeymoon is a big task. 

Earlier, many used to go for foreign trips for their honeymoon, but the trend has changed, and now everyone looks for the comfort and safety of one’s. Hence below are some best places for a honeymoon in India:

1. Shimla

Shimla is the best place to experience the natural views, couple games, hiking, best cuisine, restaurants, etc. It is the best romantic destination one can participate in their stays. The romantic walks in the snow-covered roads and slides provide the best couple-friendly weather.

2. Srinagar

Srinagar may be a paradise and offers a heavenly feeling all around the year. It’s not simply because of the natural scenery that abounds and surrounds the town; however, the innate culture makes Srinagar a terrific place to explore together with your partner.  

3. Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are bliss; it is the top pick for many couples. Full of lush greenery, blue and immaculate beaches, incredible marine life, happening nightlife, and several luxurious accommodations, the best restaurants, and cuisine give an adventurous experience to the couple. 

4. Alleppey

A tropical walk with the partner and idyllic lineation and luxurious hills, Alleppey is undoubtedly one of India’s prime honeymoon spots. Call back the happy moments of your wedding festivities on a flatboat cruise whilst enjoying the magic of backwater.

5. Goa

Goa has always been the best choice as the honeymoon destination. It’s even one of the oldest places where the couple chooses to go. It’s because of the long stretch beaches, pristine location, adventurous water games, best night activities, and the church with a local culture that makes it the best stay for the couple.

6. Manali

Manali is another stunning honeymoon destination; with spectacular riverine valleys, snowy peaks, magic forests, and distinctive alternative vistas, the Hill station has everything that guarantees an unforgettable keep. Some peaceful and personal escapades or a romantic vacation with some journey and fun. It’s everything in it.

7. Munnar

Mesmerizing tea plantations surround the serene hills of Munnar, which attracts a magnet for travelers with paragliding, treks to the highest peak, and hikes to the beautiful mountain streams.  

8. Coorg

Located at best amidst imposing mountains in the province with a constantly misty landscape, Coorg may be a standard occasional imposing best hill station. It’s common for its lovely inexperienced hills and, therefore, the streams cutting during them.  

9. Ooty

Carrying the baton of being one in every one of the great places for honeymoon in India, Ooty has its share of surprises to share. Thanks to being positioned charismatically amidst the gorgeous Nilgiri Hills, this standard hill station in south India is solely supernatural.  

10. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the foremost noted honeymoon destinations in India. Kodaikanal’s famous lakeside resort town contains the best pretty climate, mist-covered high cliffs, and waterfalls that produce the best entranceway.  

11. Lakshadweep

Ensuring a foreign escape, Lakshadweep could be the dream destination of the many freshly married couples. The muted and isolated islands account for the simplest honeymoon places in India. Take your companion on an exquisite vacation to find a real paradise on Earth.  

12. Rajasthan

Many travelers don’t get enough of Rajasthan. May it be the vibrant culture, many ancient creatures, mesmerizing places, lakes, museums, and many royal families with art culture. 

13. Nainital

The lake town of Nainital is snuggled amidst inexperienced mountains and maybe a serene destination for honeymooners. It’s a quiet, very little vale with centrally set lakes that brings in tourists from across the world all around the year. Nainital may be a hill station encircled by nine lakes. 

14. Darjeeling

Darjeeling may be a sorcerous land of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and other people. Its culture and experiences area unit is suited to honeymoon couples trying to pay for their special days within the laps of nature. This is often where folks from across the planet rush to possess a read of the Himalayas and fall crazy with the mountains.  

15. Kumarakom

Kumarakom is one of the best destinations present in Kerala. Also comprising a group of many small artificial islands, the little piece of paradise bestows some of the best moments of your life. From staying on a houseboat to spending a memorable vacation in a lake resort, you can treasure everything with your partner here.

16. Gangtok

Gangtok is quite a hill station and could be a good decision for Honeymooners. Whereas Gangtok lures every kind of traveler, the sweetness of nature and, therefore, the superb culture of the place could be a romantic destination par excellence.  

17. Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is an associate nursing romantic Honeymoon destination in the Republic of India. The place is also home to varied, picturesque lakes, lush inexperienced valleys, dark caves, waterfalls, etc.  

18. Coonoor

Coonoor is located very close to Ooty. Coonoor is one of the most effective unconventional honeymoon destinations in the Asian country. The scenic hill station evokes you to return along to parson persistent experiences each couple appears forward to. The place has red-tile rooftops, soul-soothing tea gardens, mystic hiking trails, and a lot more. 

19. Wayanad

Adorning the northern hills of Kerala is the lovely district of Wayanad. This space is legendary for its great deal of tenting and trekking trails, breathless waterfalls, caves, bird-watching sites, flora, fauna associate degrees, and the overall luxury of brilliant sights.  

20. Dalhousie

If you wish to pay for your honeymoon and luxuriate in the wonder of the place, then Dalhousie is one place you will visit while being on a honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh. This place is absolutely impressive and celebrated for its marvelous sights, cool weather, which will cause you to fall taken with Dalhousie. 

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