Top 10 international Christmas and New Year’s Destinations

Begin 2022 in style by visiting one of the greatest international New Year’s locations on a budget for a wonderful holiday, under INR 80,000, unlike any other you’ve taken before. As another year comes to an end, the inevitable plans for a huge New Year’s Eve celebration take center stage. Travellers are frequently priced out for such an event, or popular resorts are quickly sold out. With that in mind, here is an enthralling list of the top foreign New Year’s locations on a budget for 2022.

Still don’t trust us? Here’s a list of the greatest places to nurture your inner traveller for a memorable holiday experience, especially on New Year’s! Scroll down to find out what’s in store for you!


Come to Spain to celebrate New Year’s Eve if you want to start the year off well. Explore Spain, one of the greatest international New Year’s locations on a budget, and be enriched by famous art, magnificent architecture, lively streets, wild carnivals, and mouth-watering cuisine. On December 31, the excitement and festivities go until the early hours of the morning. You’ll have a terrific time eating the customary ‘lucky grapes’ till the wee hours of the morning! Common customs are wearing red underwear, sipping Cava, eating lentils on New Year’s Day, and starting with your right foot.


Turkey makes a list for a variety of reasons, including its thriving tourism culture. The country promotes historical, recreational, and cultural tourism and is home to spectacular locations, including Istanbul and Troy. In Turkey, New Year’s Eve is a widely popular celebration. This country’s customs include a family supper, a national lottery drawing, and even a countdown to midnight. In the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is December 31.


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a convenient New Year’s Eve trip. It is simple to see one of the several fireworks shows in the lovely city of Amsterdam. The festivities begin 2-3 days early, soon after Christmas, so there is a joyous atmosphere in the air. Soak up the city’s craziness with champagne and deep-fried dough balls.

South Africa

South Africa is one of, if not the, greatest destinations to spend New Year’s Eve. Cape Town, South Africa’s administrative capital, is the only city in the world that allows you to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the summit of one of the world’s most popular natural marvels, Table Mountain. You may also witness the V&A waterfront fireworks at midnight, which are very spectacular.


Vienna, Austria’s capital city, is well-known for its New Year’s Eve events. There are several galas and historic balls to be found here. One of the greatest ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Vienna is to attend parties with hot mulled wine and toffee apples. The Silvesterpfad, which translates as “New Year’s Eve path,” is a series of events and festivities in the city center and normally begin at 2 p.m. on December 31 and end at 2 a.m. the next day.


During the New Year, Scotland usually has some special surprises in store for you. Prepare for a slew of New Year’s Eve celebrations, concerts, performances, and fireworks. In the capital city of Edinburgh, there is a three-day celebration. There are several live music concerts, theatrical performances, and ceilidhs.


The Philippines’ white beaches are famed all around the world. You may visit these beaches on a tight budget. The villagers celebrate with the Media Noche, a midnight dinner. There are several pyrotechnics that is recognized in traditional culture to drive away evil spirits. Pool and club parties, lavish hotel feasts, and Countdown by the Beach are well-known ways to celebrate.


Get a fresh perspective on New Year’s Eve by spending it in Bangkok. With its friendly, well-lit streets, Bangkok is a great place to spend New Year’s Eve for various reasons. As one of the finest locations to visit in December on a budget, all of the exciting events and festivals hosted here throughout the New Year will keep you captivated throughout the time and let you savour the grandiose atmosphere in the air before 2022 arrives. Prepare to have a great time!


Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s fireworks or nightclubs, Bali offers it all. The greatest foreign New Year’s locations on a budget, the parties become larger and better, and nothing can compete with its spectacle. During this time, there are thrilling music festivals and events that are entertaining and serve as the ideal location to ring in 2022 with a bang. Before the end of the year, dance beneath the stars and go surfing! It is, without a doubt, one of the top New Year’s locations outside of India.


From music to entertainment to mind-blowing pyrotechnics, Singapore is a party-paradise goer’s where people can wave farewell to 2021 in style. Not only are the streets of this island country bustling with all the greatest things to do, but there are other reasons to plan a trip to this Asian country over the New Year.

Travelling to New Year’s Holiday Destinations: Useful Tips

  • Check airline websites daily because they frequently launch Diwali sales and pre-New Year’s flash discount deals that usually last no more than 1 or 2 days.
  • Date flexibility and an open mind for exploration can usually lead you to the top foreign New Year’s locations on a budget.
  • Make sure to book all of your flights and hotels at least 45 days before you want to go for New Year’s since last-minute reservations might result in exorbitant pricing.
  • Always look for rooms that include breakfast and free WiFi. This will greatly cut your entire trip cost.
  • The cost of a plane ticket varies greatly depending on the season. The estimate below is for tickets purchased two months in advance for days spanning from December 27 to January 6.

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