Tips to plan your journey without any scam.

The pandemic has surely affected everyone in certain things along with traveling to your favorite destination. A few times ago, it was impossible to think of traveling to a new location. The Coronavirus outbreak has put a halt to things; even a person’s normal lifestyle has been changed. The change in the environment has bought some good as well as bad things. Traveling is self-calming and loving. Many of our daily routines make us very lazy and bored easily, the one thing which changes this would be traveling to the place of your choice. It gives a sense of new life; if it’s accompanied by friends, family, or anyone. In that case, there is no limit to it. 

Hence planning a trip to your destination comes with some serious concerns. One has to do a thorough study about the place before going. The hotel, food, visiting places, cabs, price, and the distance matters a lot for all of us while traveling. Each new place brings up new problems or issues if there is no clear idea.

Any travel brings some new experience and expectations for all of us. Hence making sure to do a checklist for a trip to your destination would be the best thing. There will be a lot of scams that take place if the bad localities find out that you are visiting. There are chances of you being into big trouble if you don’t know what’s cooking, and it can be the outcome of it.

Consider following the below-mentioned tips to avoid the scams if you are planning for a trip:

· Bumping and grabbing things

It is a trick of thieves, where they try to bump into the group and grab all your valuables in a fraction of seconds. Hence one has to make sure not to carry too many valuables while traveling or hide them in a place where it’s difficult to find. 

The trick is to grab the purse of somebody standing alone or sitting close to the door. In this way, they get the underground even as the doors square measure closing.

· Beware of Any Helpful People

In several scams, the con begins with an unknown person approaching you. They could offer travel recommendations or invite you somewhere. But, no matter what’s the scenario, you need to be cautious during such affairs. Why are they approaching you, and what do they need to realize by giving you free advice on the face of it. It comes with many approaches which come to the US during this time and always attempting to scam us or sell anything. 

· Never be afraid to ask questions

If you face something fishy, don’t hesitate to ask cross-question again and again. It surely makes them sweat out after some debate. Hence getting to know the place or things completely is your priority. If there is a scam included in that, there will always be an end to it immediately. 

Even it makes sure to the scammer that you are aware of all the things hence moving out would be their great option.

· Try counting your change yourself

The shopkeeper or taxi driver provides you less modification than you’re purported to get. Or they’ll quickly switch a fifty for a five and claim you haven’t given them enough. You approach the exchange booth and raise to alter cash. The clerk beats similar notes throughout the transmutation, and you finish up with them. 

Please make sure you check your cash before you allow it, and do not let them rush you throughout the method. It is vital that you keep your eyes bare-ass, as several currencies have denominations that seem similar in color and style.

· Be attentive to Distraction

Any scammers, thieves, or group of people will be there who always find a way to distract people. Find some chance always to tackle the travelers in each time so that the Distraction for some minutes can provide you a good profit. Hence being attentive all the time while traveling would be a great tip.

· Unnecessary tours

There will be taxi drivers or any auto driver who is always behind the money that traveler carries. They will make sure to repeat the tours of the city continuously until they reach the maximum decided cash for the day. Hence, before riding into any local terms, make sure to go through the distance to avoid any extra time in your city.

· Fake officials on the spot

Fake officials are seen everyplace around the world, and travelers typically are scammed by these counterfeit authorities to create a fast buck. Most of the time, their routine is to ask you for your ID and issue you a fine for no smart reason, indicating that it will be paid on the spot or posing for a bribe to urge your ID back. Typically they’re clothed. At different times they’re plain clothed. 

Real police can ask for your ID, but they’re going to ask you never to pay the fine on the spot. If you’re approached by somebody trying to be an official, show them your ID but never give that to them. Kindly ask for their ID too. If there is a fine, tell them you’ll move to the station to modify the matter. The pretending ones can sometimes go away from there instantly.

· The ATM Scam

Once you’ve decided to move to an ATM, any random guy can approach you can help you to use the fee. Do not take such help and deny any unasked help from strangers. They can be stealing your card details and put you under problems once it has been done. You won’t be aware, and they would be leaving you bankrupt in no time. 

So keeping such points in your mind is going to be very helpful. If one is planning for a solo or family trip, then these are important factors to be considered. Scammers will create many situations. Being aware of these can make your trip memorable and safe.

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