The 10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts That You Should Follow

Traveling to new countries or cities might be a distant dream right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can satisfy your wanderlust by following these popular travel accounts on Instagram. 

These influencers make useful recommendations on where to stay and what to eat, and how to explore the place. Get ready for some instant-ready perfect shots that will give you major travel envy.

1. @TheTravelPro

Mikki Tenazas was a medical student when he found his true calling. It was traveling to new places and adventure. After he graduated, he took a leap of faith and started to travel the world. He has been able to build a large and dedicated audience through sharing candid shots from his many adventures. You can find his travel diaries from the Maldives to Singapore that gives you a glimpse of the beauty of the place. He has amassed over 550,000 followers.

2. @youngadventuress

Liza Carson treats her Instagram page as a personal blog. She chronicles her page with stories and adventures from her many travels around the world. She started out as an English teacher in Spain in 2010 but now travels for passion and wanderlust. You can find on her page her adventures in New Zealand to Spain and even serene views of mountains in Switzerland. Around 200,000 followers of Liz get to share her experiences.

3. @beautifuldestinations

This account is a hub of drop-dead and gorgeous travel photos. This is one of the key factors that has led this account to have over 22 million followers. Their motto is to make an impact through travel and tourism. This is a climate-positive company that advocates sustainable tourism. Their travel diaries include shots from the ghost forest in the borders of the Baltic Sea to a cozy bungalow by the Turkish riverside. This account is a treat for any travel aficionado.

4. @bemytravelmuse

Kristin Addis travels the world full time as a travel blogger, and her Instagram account bears witness to that. She has been traveling solo for nine years. Her account uploads pictures of the stunning places she has visited, from French Polynesia to Lake Tahoe in California. She also shares tips about saving money. She has 123k followers.

5. @pilotmadeleine

Madeleine is based in Munich but has traveled across the world. Although she earned a pilot’s license, she found it difficult to land a job. Therefore, she thought of fulfilling her dream of flying in a new way—travel blogging. One of the most popular travel influencers on Instagram with 1.3 million followers, she has shared stunning snaps of her travels to destinations like Santorini and Crystal Lagoon, and Cappadocia.

6. @AlexStrohl

Photographer and filmmaker Alex Strohl show how impactful pictures can be to his 2 million followers. His account shows that the photographer in him is keen to find remote locations to capture their beauty. Through his stunning photos, he is able to translate the wilderness of the incredible landscapes in nature to exquisite images that are reminiscent of their beauty. Take a peek into his account for some major travel inspiration.

7. @doyoutravel

Jack Morris and his impressive feed of photos will surely grab your attention as it did of his 2.5 million followers. His photos chronicle his travels from around the world. Though he currently resides in Bali, he spends the majority of his time photographing and exploring the most beautiful locations with his partner @gypsea_lust. 

8. @TravelsofAli

Saudi Arabia-born doctor Dr. Ali Alsulaiman is based in London, but he quit his profession to become a passionate full-time traveler. His camera chronicles his journey around the globe. He documents his travels in incredibly beautiful pictures. His Instagram feed of over 37,000 followers will make your dream of luxury hotels and far-off destinations.

9. @thepalnetd

Dave and Deb, who are quite the heavyweights of the travel blogosphere, showcase through this account their travel to more than 100 countries in all the seven continents to their over 200,000 followers. Their account is the Holy Bible of travel advice that you need next time you plan a vacation. Their feed is filled with pictures from hundreds of places.

10. @_itsbeautifulhere

The feed of Gigi Hopkins is a guide to the places that you have always wanted to visit. From Orpheus Island in Australia to the Catskills in Upstate New York, she will guide you through all the happening and hottest spots and especially the hidden gems across the globe. She has over 68,000 followers. 

These accounts give us major travel goals. So, if you are planning to take a trip anywhere around the world, they can serve as an inspiration or just follow them to great stunning shots of all the beautiful places in the world.

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