Ten things you can do if you are stranded

Your plane or ship loses its course, and you wind up trapped on a small, deserted island, whether it’s due to a hurricane or the Bermuda Triangle at work. What are the chances of that happening? It’s feasible, as there are thousands of such islands all over the planet!

What do you do now that you’re stranded? First and foremost, do not be alarmed. Keep your cool and assess the position you’ve found yourself in. Make a list of everything you have and start making preparations.

We’ve all considered what we’d bring if we knew we’d be stuck on a lonely island. But, if we were to live alone in paradise, what would keep us safe — and sane?

We’ve all seen at least one or two stories in which the main character is left on a lonely island as we try to escape to Rio or Paris or become lost in a far-flung place via our favorite travel movies, TV series, or novels. They generally have few or no supplies, relying solely on their brains and resourcefulness to plot an escape.

Whether or not this scenario is realistic, it makes one wonder what they would carry if they knew they would be stranded on a lonely island. Well, we’ve considered it, and here’s a list of ten necessary goods that we believe might make island living a bit simpler.

  1. A blade

A big ol’ knife is the first thing on our list of essentials for a deserted island — one like Crocodile Dundee’s in Australia. It may be used not just for hunting but also for protection.

  1. A net for fishing

Fish are a great source of protein, and having a net makes catching them much simpler.

  1. A colossal matchbox

Who wants to spend hours rubbing two sticks together in an attempt to ignite a fire? Bring a large box of matches to our isolated tropical paradise to ensure you always have a roaring campfire to rest close to.

  1. A hammock

A hammock would be a nice location to sleep those lonely evenings away on most isolated islands, which are densely forested. It would also be higher off the ground, away from any nocturnal animals.

  1. A can of insecticide

If you’ve ever visited the tropics, you know how essential bug repellent is — it’s a no-brainer on any list of deserted island requirements.

  1. Locating a Drinking Water Source

It is common knowledge that water is essential for existence. You may go three weeks without food, but if you don’t have enough drinking water, especially in a tropical environment, you’ll suffer a horrible death in three days. Water sources may be found in several places.

Start by exploring the island’s interior; farther inside, you’ll have a higher chance of finding a supply of pure drinking water, such as waterfalls and streams. If you don’t have access to a fresh water supply, you can collect rainwater in whatever container you find. Raindrops may be funnelled into the containers using large leaves.

  1. Find or construct a shelter for yourself.

Following the acquisition of water, the following step in your survival plan should be to construct an appropriate shelter to shield oneself from the elements. A Tepee may be used as an adequate shelter, and it can be built using a basic step plan:

Explore the island and gather around 20 long, thick branches. Your Tepee’s structural integrity will be improved by thicker branches. Also, collect as much dense foliage as possible. To make a tripod, drive three of the longest branches into the ground. Place the remaining branches in a tight circle around the tripod, with a tiny open space to act as an entrance.

  1. Finding Food

Fish is the most likely source of sustenance if you’re stuck on a desert island. If you despise fish, it’s time to give in and live like a caveman. Spearfishing is the greatest way to catch fish in this situation. A spear may be constructed from a long branch found on the island; sharpen the end and ensure it is long and weighted enough to throw; tie stones to the spear using twine or shoelaces to weigh it down.

The shallow sections of water surrounding the shore are the ideal places to look for fish on an island. Standing atop rocks is the greatest option since it won’t frighten fish that are ideally grazing on seaweed below you.

  1. On the Island, Be Wary of Predators

This stage varies depending on where you’re trapped. However, if you’re stranded on an island, predators may be a very real and present threat, as Ada Blackjack discovered. As a result, you must be very conscious of the creatures and critters with whom you will be sharing your new temporary home. If you believe the island is home to dangerous animals, never become too comfortable and keep an eye out for them pursuing you.

  1. Creating a Plan of Action

If the situation appears hopeless and no assistance is in sight, your best option may be to launch your own island escape. You’ll need to build a strong raft if you plan to depart the island on your own.

In a five-step method, wood and vine may be used to make a raft. Always work on it during the day, taking advantage of daylight to properly construct it, and relax at night since you’ll need your energy for the upcoming escape.

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