Raipur- Capital of Chhattisgarh with top famous 6 places that you should know about

Know about the adorable city of Raipur and places to visit here

Raipur is a modern green city famous for huge markets of handicrafts and artworks highlighting Indian rich culture among the tourists from around the globe. There have been some of the best places to visit here in Raipur and many love the fact that the city’s primary motto is to protect the wildlife. Hence attracting many wildlife and nature lovers Raipur has become famous among tourists. The tropical wet and dry climate of the region is indeed perfect for vacation and several hills and greenery spread here keeps the climate suitable and temperature favourable too.

  1. Nandan Van Zoo– The famous tourist spot in Raipur is Nandan Van Zoo and it is renowned for different species of Fauna found here. As mentioned before Raipur’s government makes it sure to conserve and protect animals and thus this zoo is well maintained. There are also other fun things to do her such as boating, jungle safari and this place is perfect for kids. There are different food stalls here and ticket to this place is also affordable. Different species of animals and birds are viewed here and it is also easy to reach this place as it is not very far from the main city of Raipur.
  2. Swami Vivekanand Sarovar– The beautiful lake which is also known as Burha Thalab and the place is famous for spending a good day near the huge palm trees surrounding clear lake. If you like spending time in peaceful park and enjoying the best street food then this is the perfect place to visit. Also do not forget to enjoy the sunset view near the lake.  
  3. The Ghatarani Waterfalls– Visiting Raipur but not visiting the Ghatarani falls? That is a big no. Located between the lush greenery, this picnic spot is a popular choice among the trekkers. Ghatarani Waterfalls is surrounded by a beautiful forest and this naturally formed pool is as clear as crystal. The cool water and temperature with green trees surrounding it makes the whole view majestic.
  4. Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum– If you wish to know about the rich culture and history of Raipur city then this is the right place to visit. Filled with one of the best impressive artistic works from the ancient period you will find several sculptures, inscriptions, coins and much more here. There are several galleries present here along with some amazing food stalls and restaurants to try out. So, know about the awesome history of Raipur and nearby cities by visiting the beautiful museum.
  5. The Banjari Mata Temple– This shrine which is visited by many tourists every year is this temple devoted to Goddess Banjari Mata. The temple is considered to be very sacred and is very much crowded during the times of Hindus festivals especially Dussehra.
  6. The Jatmai temple– The temple is situated a bit far from the main city but the surrounding greenery and the pure white temple is indeed a breath-taking view. The temple is devoted to Mata Jatmai and the entire temple is built with pure granite making it very beautiful for sure. The holy place is a must to visit to receive blessings.

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