Here are the top 10 winter trip ideas to not miss.

As the winter season begins, people love to take a vacation and enjoy the umpteen chilly activities and mesmerizing views that the season has to offer. The winters come up with the absolute silence and the calmness that it provides to the people. 

  • Canadian northern lights

Would you like to visit a completely dark, cold yet mesmerizing place? Then You can enjoy the Canadian northern lights at night in the middle of nowhere. The site is so dark that you can’t see your hand if you keep it 3 inches away from your face. The silence gives you peace, and at the same time, the falling of snow from the nearby tree in such silence will make you jump.

Yet you will sit happily to experience the wonder and magic of the place. It may take many nights to dwell in the mysterious northern lights of nature.  

The best time to glance at the northern lights is during the first few weeks of the winter. Nonetheless, there is a wide chance of it getting visible from mid-August to mid-April. 

The view can last for a minute or hours. Let’s say it all depends on how lucky you are! It showcases beautiful, magical colors of pink, green, turquoise across the sky with imaginary shapes, and you will be wondering, is it a witch or a whale?

  • Kirkjufell, Iceland 

Winters and no mountains? People usually explore winters with ice-capped mountains, but you will experience a whole new world of mountains here in Iceland. Kirkjufell is a mountain in Iceland that gives the fairytale moment in reality. The hill is irregularly shaped and looks very pretty in the spring season but gives a mesmerizing view with the layers of snow. The photographs of the mountains are spectacular, but in reality, it seems much more dreamy.

  • Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, USA

You must have always read in the books about the glaciers but never saw or touched them. Would you like to feel a glacier? Alaska is one of the coldest places in the USA. You can touch Matanuska Glacier that takes around two and a half hours from Anchorage. It is a roadside glacier which is near Glenn Highway. It is one of the glaciers that can be accessed by car. It stretches over 27 miles and is 4 miles wide. On your way to the glacier, you will get many sites where you can stop and enjoy the view and take umpteen snaps for lifetime memories. 

  • Harbin city, China

Visit China to experience the ice festival in the Harbin city of china. The festival is from January to February. There are massive ice castles, slides, and many structures to enjoy the wonderful winter season. There are many winter sports activities like ice skating, snow sculptures, lantern arts, and many more. 

  • Jigokudani monkey park, Japan

Want to experience both cold and warm? Jigokudani monkey park, located in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, gets heavy snowfall for about four months a year. With such low temperatures, you will also find many hot springs. You can get the warmth of hot springs in cold weather- it will be a perfect place to enjoy winters. Moreover, you will be excited to see the unique view of the monkey’s taking a dip in the spring during the day. You can also relish the stream vents which shoot high in the air. 

  • Snowbound London

Winters throw away the hustle-bustle life of London when the reality of winter snow hits the city. All the streets are empty, no buses and the offices are closed due to the thick layer of snow in the city. Children enjoy the unexpected off days and spend their days inside. The winters in London are cold, which makes the place a desert for quite some time. The quiet and serene view is quite magical. You can wander around the sites, and you will see the area in a new light.

  • Lake Tahoe, California, USA 

Winters and beautiful serene landscapes go hand in hand. Lake Tahoe in California offers a gorgeous landscape. During winters, the lake looks mesmerizing. There are plenty of ski resorts, beautiful vistas, and the city also has hot springs with vivid nightlife. There are umpteen activities like bird-watching, skiing, hikes, and other chilly adventurous activities. It gets around 125 inches of snow which would help you make a handsome snowman. 

  • Gullfoss, Iceland

You can discover the Gullfoss cascade in southwest Iceland’s gully of the Hvítá stream, which is taken care of by Langjökull, the second biggest icy mass in Iceland. While wonderful in the mid-year, it’s considerably greater when it somewhat freezes over in the wintertime. The waters turn dynamic shades of blue and turquoise while the stones assemble ice and snow. The waterfalls are around 100 feet down in two phases and are encircled by almost 200 feet of the gorge divider.

  • Svalbard, Norway

It’s one of the northernmost regions on the planet, making it an ideal place to get the Northern Lights. On account of its area, the town additionally encounters something many refer to as Polar Night, which takes place between mid-November and the finish of January: the sun never ascends during this time, and the lightest the sky gets is dazzling blue dusk. 

  • Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled surrounds the beautiful island Bled. Bled Island is a beautiful island with several buildings, Churchers where numerous weddings take place each year. The picturesque lake offers a breathtaking landscape. Visit the site in winters when the lake gets frozen into frosty blue reflecting the surrounding mountains. The frozen lake offers many adventurous activities like skiing, and you can visit the Vintgar gorge, where you will find beautiful pools, caves, and waterfalls.

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